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    I have been looking at adding a t270 to my equipment. I have used one before but never owned one. Right now I have a redmax 3000 and stihl fs85 the stihl will become an extended reach hedge trimmer. I know they no longer sell the t270 but a member here said they might be coming back. I was wondering though... it looks like they still make the C270 brush cutter. So can I just take the blade off and add a trimmer head and then remove the bike handle and add a loop handle? Also does anyone know if stihl, redmax, and shindaiwa heads are interchangeable?
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    alot of people put the stihl heads on shinny trimmers. you need an adapter that I understand your dealer will sell you.

    fwiw, i just got an extended reach hedge trimmer also. I considered turning my fs85 into one, however youll notice that their units articulates the wrong direction. What i mean is that to prune a flat topped shrub, you would be running the blades upside down. I ended up with a shinny t231 with the hedge trimmer attachment... Its so much better. Such a time saver. For ~$500 it better be. Youll like this purchase
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    On the fs85 as a hedge trimmer, just flip the unit around and use your thumb on the throttle trigger.
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    I don't know if im thinking about things the same way you are but that sure seems uncomfortable.

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