T300 versus TL150

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by start2finish, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. start2finish

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    not trying to start a brand loyalty war here, but I am sitting on the fence about which direction to go. We own a S250 currently and are definatly going to trade up very soon. thanks for the input.
  2. ksss

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    The guys that run TK up here are happy with them. It is almost exclusively the tree guys that have them. The cabs are spartan, certainly not as much "gee whiz" stuff in the cab as in a Bobcat. The cabs are large. I think however that contributes to a "drum effect" inside the cab as the TK's seem loud and rattle when they get hours on them. I have never run a 300 against a TL150 but I have tested a 250 against a TL140. Most liked the control system on the TK better, however it took time for guys to warm up to it. I was very comfortable with it as it mimics the feel of their excavators. I noticed on the 140 that one track would stop spinning while the other would continue (like they were not receiving equal power). Others have also noticed that on this forum on different machines. I like the door flip up idea on the TK as well as the windows that slide up and down instead of side to side. The dirt does not get in the rails rendering the windows useless unable to move. Expressing my personal opinions: I think TK builds a more durable product in general than does Bobcat. The Bobcat will be more comforable to operate in comparison (excluding the control system). Demo both of them and tell us what you think.
  3. Tigerotor77W

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    I concur... demo both (preferably both with ISO controls, unless you are certain you can make a nearly-unbiased opinion of foot controls vs. ISO) and tell US what YOU think. :D

    It does depend heavily on what you want to do with the machine. The TL150 is heavier but isn't as good a truck-loader, arguably, but may (*note*: speculation) outdig the T300 if both are operated correctly. The T300K has lower breakout force (bad idea, Bobcat) than the T300, so if digging, or lifting the rear of the machine, is important to you, that is a consideration.
  4. all ferris

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    The bobcat is more refined than the TL150 and it will also be more stable on hills due to it's wider stance. However, if you want power and you can put that power to the ground, the TL150 has all the power you could ever want(I never thought I would say a machine had too much motor). High-flow is not an option in the TL150. I think the TL150 has less fatiuging controls than the bobcat.
    Another thing to think about it that the TL150 is a radius lift machine. I have used one to pick up some very heavy items and it will pick thinks up that are too heavy!! It seems it you lift heavy things past the 5-6' mark the TL150 will nose dive. The bobcat would be less likely to do this due to is vertical lift patern.
  5. dozerman21

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    I have only sat in a TL150, but I owned a T-300. The Bobcat is a good overall machine, but there are several other brands I would go with before Bobcat. The TL150 has better power specs. I know a guy who has one and he seems pretty happy with it. The last time I priced them, the TL150 was around $6000-$7000 more than a T-300. It will also cost more to replace the undercarriage on the Takeuchi. IMO, Bobcat needs to do more than what they've added in the K-Series to keep up with the competition. They haven't changed much since they first came out.

    I would just demo both of them for a couple of days, and see which one floats your boat!:walking:
  6. start2finish

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    the pricing is very close, we have demoed the tl150 as well as the t300
    i am on the fence on this one, we have had some issues with our bobcat dealer, but I am going to address this today.
  7. start2finish

    start2finish LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am going to update an earlier thread about our bobcat dealer if I can find it, but still working on this decision...................
  8. AWJ Services

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    I purchased a TL 140 this year .
    The Tl 140 and the Bobcat T 300 are more in line spec wise.

    The Takeuchi machines have actually moved there loading arms forward on there machines which gives them a better dump distance from center than most machines with conventional arms.
    The machines have High flow listed as an available option in the owners manual.
    They have more noise than I think is acceptable inside the cab however they are very quiet outside the machines.
    Pilot controls are awesome.

    The tracks will stop under strain individually Like KSSS said.It is usually the one that is loaded the most.

    Here the TL140 with cab is 44,700
    The Tl150 is a little over 50K
    The T 300 here will set you back well over 50 k with cab.

    The tracks basically cost the same and the rollers and sprockets are no more than Bobcats.Takeuchis will not need rollers till at least the second set of tracks.Sprockets usually around 2500 too 3000 hours with many going well past that.

    I will also mention the wheel motor issue that has plauged Bobcat machines for years.
    They supposedly have it fixed .

    I also recomend that you compare the qualty of construction between the 2 machines.
    The lift arms and bracing as well as the amount of materail throughout the machine make most skid steers look cheap in comparison.
    Way overkill.

    Good luck on your purchase.
  9. start2finish

    start2finish LawnSite Senior Member
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    no decisions yet, we are going to schedule a demo to compare the two machines. Both machines on site at the same time. We are still on the fence on this one I will keep it updated.
  10. start2finish

    start2finish LawnSite Senior Member
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    after owning the TL150 for over a month I do not regret my decision at all. this is great machine that I will reccommend to anyone.

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