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  1. CCaldwell

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    Let me start by saying I'm new to the ride on and the t3000i is my first one after 19 years in business. Yes I'm licensed. My question is I am having difficulty understanding the amount of herbicide for 16 gallons. I'm using celcius, stonewall, strike 3, triplet now, no not in the same mix. Each label states to apply in well over a gallon of water/1000sf. the t3000 uses .25gallon /1000sf. I'm confused. Can any fellow t3000 uses tell me how much of the products listed they mix with 16 mix.
    Also, the book says to premix outside of the t3000 but I've heard others on here say they mix within the t3000. Whats the deal.
    Thanks for any assistance.
  2. gregory

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    i dont own a t3000 i own a jr. but first i'd make sure it puts out .25 per 1k then if a product says to use 1.5oz per 1k multipy that x's 4. so if its putting out .25 per gallon per 1k you would put in 6oz per gallon of product...

    i use 1/3 gal tips in my jr i just multiply times 3...

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    Mine to is calibrated at .25 of a gal per th

    So if your using the low rate of 3 way you just need to add 4.4 oz of 3 way to every gal of water you are adding to the tank.

    If your going to fill up a full tank than you need to add 70.4 oz of 3 way.

    4.4 oz of 3way times 16 gal of water = 70.4 oz of 3 way

    one gal of water will cover 4th 1.1 times 4 = 4.4 oz

    Charles Cue
  4. DLCS

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    Yep, 1/4 gallon per 1k so with triplet I run 1.5 ounces per gallon or 96 oz per 16 gallons. I know the instructiuons say to mix in a separate nurse tank but I have always mixed right in the machine. Fill half full of water and dump in half your herbacide in each tank, then add the rest of the water. By the time you get the rest of the water added you will be all mixed.
  5. ted putnam

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    The reason they suggest pre-mixing is because when you use DG's and DF's like Celsius, Metsulfuron and others, the tendency is for it not to mix well without excellent agitation. I use a 32oz measuring cup to "pre-slurry" my dry material with the use of the spray wand before adding to the tank. Then of course, you need to recirculate the hose line when you are finished adding products to the tank for the finished mix.
  6. CCaldwell

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    Thank you to all that provided information, very helpful. I think I was making a bigger deal out of it than it is because of the low water usage. I figured it the same way I always do but just lowered the water/k and came up with the same numbers y'all did.
    Mr. Putman, can you explain your technique for mixing dry granulars or powders in your measuring cup. You just mix you DG or powders in the mixing cup and use the spray wand to agitate and mix the product till its disolved and then dump half in each tank?
  7. ted putnam

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    Yes...and...no. I mix it like you said using the spray wand to agitate. However, I use Z-sprays that both have single tanks. I am not familiar with the T's tank setup but I take it for granted, they are separate and independent. If this is the case, you will need to mix separately as well. I would not chance mixing any other way if I were you. Mix only what you need for each tank so as not to have one weaker/stronger than the other. If the tanks are somehow joined you may be able to do it some other way and still have a proper mixture. Hope this makes sense to you.
  8. RigglePLC

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    You could use a 64 ounce plastic jar. Mark the ounces on the side. Add water. Cap it. Shake ten times. Add to tank. Add needed water.

    By the way--I saw a Scotts lawn service van truck today. It had a t-3000 on a rear carrier. It was coated with a yellow powder.
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  9. DLCS

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    The T-3000 has speparate but joined tanks. You could always get those agitator nozzles that Fimco sells and screw them into the inlets in the tank. Would give you more agitation. Somone was going to try it on here but can't remember who.
  10. Green Scape

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    I have the t3000i....I just checked my sprayers with a calibration procedure recommended by pbGordon.....anyways, my sprayer psi is up to 50 when not spraying, and when the sprayers are being used, the operating pressure is constant at 40 psi.....I'm thinking this is too high considering my calculated output( unless I did it wrong) was 3.4 gal/ 1000 sqft......so far everyone in this post says they are putting out .25 gal/ 1000sqft.....what pressure is this at? Thanks ahead

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