Tablets as a selling tool

Mr. Midwest

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Smalltown, IL
I recently purchased a 10" tablet and I plan on showing all of my ProLandscape edited images along with before photos. I want to keep as much digital as i can and i plan on giving each customer a thumbdrive with all of the data on it. Along with that i want all of my bids to be digitally signed by the customer if they approve the job. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on apps that they have found useful. Keep in mind android apps for your phone can also be used by the tablet.


Bunton Guy

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charlotte nc
That's a good idea. I haven't though about this yet...I know nothing about all these fancy new tablets,kindles have no clue what they do.

I do however have a android phone...but just use it for simple phone calls & e-mails.


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Android tablets operate the same as android phone just bigger screens. Go to the square up website and get there free card reader for making an account. Mine just came in today. Its about and inch sized square that plugs into your headphone Jack and lets you swipe cards and deposits straight to your bank account. Its great!!

Also invoice2go, quickoffice,printershare, and esfileexplorer... you'll never use a desktop again...
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