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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mdvaden, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. mdvaden

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    This spring I was thinking about adding advertising to my truck tailgate. I'm not sure if I want to go with a mural or lettering. I like a mural look, but have seen some nice lettering work in photos posted by others on lawnsite.

    My business goals are to remain small as a specialist. I don't want crews in the long-run. I want to expand my reach in the area as a consultant that other landscapers can go to for opinions or training, that designers can consult, and for continued homeowner service (pruning and advice). Attached are two potentials for mural ideas.

    Once I went out to my truck, a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado, I noticed that the Chevy emblem is pretty big. The tailgate handle pretty much eliminates the mural example where I am in the middle of the photo. I'm guessing that the emblem and letters can be pulled off the paint if its comparable to my 1990s Chevy. THe Chev emblem is the biggest item that could interfere with a mural or lettering.

    The vocabulary and text is far from etched in stone.

    Anyone have any feedback about lettering, murals, what it takes to remove emblems, etc??

    Anyone else lettered or signed the back gate of a late model Chevrolet? Ford? Etc?

    The third image was added as an after-thought edit to the post. Something more urban that could work for a mural.

    I'm not committed to the mural thing though. The lettering may be more practical.



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  2. Green Feet Lawn

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    I have a new body style GMC. Fortunately, they put the emblems in the lower corners of the tailgate. Chevy put the bowtie smack in the middle. Although the bowtie can be removed and you would have to be creative with the tailgate handle.
  3. Paver Protector

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    Have a sign shop wrap it. they take care of all the stuff that gets in the way and have vinyl that contours to the curves and recessed areas.

    The tailgate is the area that is seen the most for longer periods of time(people behind you) as long as your not pulling a trailer at the time. Almost nobody has the talgate lettered but always the side doors. Even if your getting magnets, just get a third for the tailgate. I like the photos you showed.
  4. 93Chevy

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    What about getting that done to the rear cab window, and maybe a more simple lettering situation with your name and phone # or website on the tailgate.
  5. mdvaden

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    I already have one small image on the left side of the rear window and "Certified Arborist" written across it. But the toolbox blocks the view of about 30% of the back window.

    And I can still see out the mirror too, because the image is right the driver's side.
  6. clean_cut

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    Sorry, I can't help about the truck its self, but I can give you a little design help.

    If you do decide to go with the mural, I'd go with the 1st one, when cars are passing by at 35 mph, they will hardly notice you in the 2nd picture. Also, the text is difficult to read right now, try putting a stroke/outline around it in black. That will make it much easier to read

    I spent a few minutes and found a few links that might help you out. I didn't read/watch them throughly, but I hope they relate.

  7. mdvaden

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    That de-badging video is pretty well done.

    That fishing line is a great idea.

    I'll probably keep this truck up to at least 150,000 miles, so the value shouldn't be affected at all if I remove letters off the tailgate. Even the Chev emblem.

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