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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Schlepie, Nov 7, 2001.

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    hey guys bought a 16hp Lesco loader last year and it was awesome, now i have a new rack truck to load the leaves into, last year i used my 10 mason dump w/ sides on it and i dumped every 2-3 days, can't imagine how much i'll fit w/ a 12ft rack. one of my most favorable pieces of equiptment. Tony, any questions fell free to e-mail

    p.s. sucks a frozen leaf off the ground.
  2. beck

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    I just recently bought a second truck. A 95 chevy diesel with a 12 stake body and hoist. I mounted the 16 HP billy goat leaf vac behind the passenger seat and it shoots into the back left corner of the truck. The sides are 6' high for approximately a 15 cubic yard box. I like having it on the truck, this way i do not always have to pull the trailer. For my 5-10,000 sq ft yards it takes a few days to fill up.

    As Mike(Lawngodfather) and I found out it would be advantageous to have lights on the truck for the nighttime leaf vacuuming.

    Depending on where you will be mounting the leaf vac, I would highly recommend looking into the electric start. I have mine mounted so the rope sits right above the bulk-head and I have to stand on the passenger door frame to pull it. Not very convenient so on short trips the vac stays running.
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    I have a small loader that I bolted a 2" tube to, I welded 2 1/2 receivers on all 4 corners of my trailer so I can put it wherever I want. I also made a two wheeled axle with a receiver on it if I want to pull it around and use it as a blower.
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    I bought a used 11 hp. Trac-Vac off a friend of mine. The 11 Briggs was worn out so I replaced it with a 13 hp. Kohler Command. I have a Ford F250 w/ a dump insert and cab protector. Built the box with 2x4's and plywood. I used a trash tarp on the top to vent it and hold the leaves in. I mounted my loader on the cab protector at the front of my box,that way I don't have the loader taking up trailer space and I can do curbsides without pulling the trailer around. I mounted a light for night time pickups. I do some curbside pickups for another lco. I have a couple of friends that grow pumpkins and take all my leaves. Having a free dumpsite sure helps make it profitable.:) ;) :) ED
  5. Beck and I are using $100 an hour.

    Another LCO around here we talked to is charging $300 and hour.

    Last year I was curb-side vaccing for sevral LCO's and charged them the same as the customer price of $100.
  6. Schlepie

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    LGFather, do you charge a minimum if it is less than an hr. Some may only take you 30 min?
  7. Started picking curb side and did a few at 11-13 minutes and decided to put a 15 min. charge on it. Haven't let the customres know yet.
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    Hey Bill. There are a couple companies with ads in my local paper advertising this service. I just called one today to get a price on one lawn with a lot of leaves because tarping and putting on my trailer just wasn't going to work. I have a 5'x10' open trailer so it doesn't hold much.
    I told him I'll get leaves to curb and I just need someone to suck 'em up.
    I told him the size of lawn. He gave me an estimate of $40.
    Considering the time it would take me to get the leaves on tarps, get tarps on trailer, drive to dump TWICE at $15 each, get leaves off trailer, etc. it made the choice clear.
    I'm gonna use this guy for a few more lawns, maybe get a discount for the extra business I'm giving him.
  9. Turfdude

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    We use a hitch mount giant vac 16HP electric start for F-350 dump. With extra height on sides & breathable tarp ontop, will hold about 8 cu. yds of very well shreded leaves. Send one man to dump, swing unit to side, raise bed & watch large cube come out. Saves a lot of time vs. tarping & 3 men loading and not fitting as many leaves of course. Holds at least 2.5 conventional truck loads and up to 5.
  10. landscaper3

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    We run a pair of Billy Goats hitch mounts on our 1 ton dump trucks 4WD, we use to mount it on the plow frame on our trucks but had a local welder install a 2" reciever on our existing trailer hitches so we can tow our trailers and have the vacs on back of the trucks which require less tubing then the way we had them mounted on plow frames. We put a 8" drop reciever turned upside down to make it over the trailer rails so the wont hit on full turn.

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