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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CMerLand, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. CMerLand

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    Did my search and didnt get too much imput on my specific question. Im interested in getting a tailgate loader for a 350 dump but not so much for leaves but primarily for the grass clippings caught with the walker. Had used one many years ago that was underpowered and it sucked at sucking up grass clippings and marginal at best for leaves.

    You guys that are using them, please give me your imput before I spend money for something that may not do the job.

    NOTE: Must go with a tailgate unit, that MAY get mounted to the trailer so its out of the way for dumping. Tow behinds will not work obviously because there is a lawn trailer there.


  2. gene gls

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    I only use my truck loader for fall clean-ups. Green grass is heavy and dosen't move good. Also, I have more use for my truck body in the open mode. I use a manure fork to load with.

  3. mike9497

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    make a ramp from your trailer to the dump bed and drive the mower up there and dump it out.thats what i have.i hate having a leaf box on all year.i think they sell ramps like the one i made its been talked about on here too.do a search
  4. walker-talker

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    I just recently bought a Lesco brand that uses a 16hp B&S Vanguard to power it. I use it for scalping dry bermuda and zoysia grass. I mowed my lawn today, lush green tall fescue, using my Walker. I wanted to test my loader to see how it would handle the fescue. It did ok, but would really bog down when put under a heavy load. I could see something with a 20hp would be more suitable for your applications.

  5. Dan's lawn care

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    can you show a pic of it?
  6. walker-talker

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    I don't have a pic of mine just yet, but here is a pic of ksland's set-up. I am using a 2 ton Chevy grain truck with a 13 ft bed. I will get a pic of mine soon, maybe this weekend. I am using the same debris loader as shown in this pic, but mine is mounted at the head of my trailer.


    ksland leaf box (1).jpg
  7. bastalker

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    What a gorgeous rig! My mouth waters everytime I see it. I am working on one though....:D
  8. 3Goats

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    We're just trying to figure out how to solve the issue of attaching the debris loader to the back of the dump truck - no room on trailer. In looking at the photo - how do you then use the dump body without removing the loader? Thanks - :(
  9. gogetter

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    3goats, that hitch swings out to the side.
    If you look at the picture closely, right under the green loader itself is a black platform looking kind of thing. Kind of looks like a bumper.

    That swings the loader out of the way of the bed.

    Now as far as how the trailer can still be hitched, if the loader is in the hitch, I'm not sure. I'm guessing some sort of double hitch? I think I've seen something like this in a NorthernTool catalog.
  10. ksland

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    That truck looks mighty familiar. Well I might as well answer your questions. This is in the dump position. The hitch is a 2" solid steel drag bar that goes right through the swing mount into the receiver hitch.

    dump with leaf box up.jpg

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