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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Shopkeeper, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Shopkeeper

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    This year I've decided not to go with a trailer for various reasons, mainly the fact that I have no where to keep it, and I've done all the measurements and what not and found out that I can infact fit the mower I'm going to buy in the back of my truck. Problem is getting the mower up there. I've decided I'm going to use tailgate ramps, but every time I look on the net for some I just can't seem to weed out the good from the bad.

    Has anyone here used tailgate ramps? If so, what did you use and how much did it cost? Also, can you direct me to where I could purchase one?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!

  2. nbuzz

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    there are a lot of good ones that set on the tailgate itself. personally I don't like them because that is a lot of weight being put on the tailgate supports. and I've seen them break. I have the type that spans the full width of my truck and mounts in the hitch receiver. I like this one much better than the other type because: 1. dont have to lift them out of the truck all the time
    2. it doesn't slide around in the back of my truck
    3. A lot wider so more room for error
    4. usaully longer
    only 2 down sides to the hitch type; one is they pretty darn heavy to put on and take off. and the other is more expensive. Usually I just leave mine one thru spring and summer and I rather pay more now than have to fix my truck down the road.
  3. Shopkeeper

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    At this point I will pretty much take anything that gets my mower into the back of my truck, but I agree with you in liking ramps that hook up to the hitch.
  4. nbuzz

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    I found the site where I got mine from: usaramp.com they have (I think) just about every kind. I bought the one that allows me to pull a trailer with it installed, because for leaf season I use a dump trailer. Hope this helped a little bit.
  5. buttaluv

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    check out Discountramps.com, they have several different kind
  6. GotGreen

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  7. amanda8950

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    I just went through the same decision process. I've found discountramps.com has the most knowledgable staff when you call to ask questions on the product. I was going to buy the Safety Ramp 8' length. I found a local welder/fabricator and showed the website to him and asked him to price out building the same thing. He was a couple hundred dollars cheaper than online, but he advised their claims of weight capacities were a little generous. He said to build the ramp truelly to hold the weights they claim it can hold, it would be much heavier than what it states on their webpage - which I think is around 150 pounds.
    Secondly, like you, I did a lot of measuring and trying to figure out the best way to put the mowers in ( I only have a 36" wb and a 21" wb ). I finally just bit the bullet and bought a used trailer for a little bit more money. I still feel the mowers physically would have fit in my pick-up bed, but I just figured for a couple bucks more ( with buying a used trailer ), I would deal with the hassle of getting it into smaller neighborhoods and the storage. I do have to pay to store my trailer as well so I can understand your frustration with having no storage for a trailer.

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