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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Superiorlandscaping, Nov 3, 2002.

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    Let me know what you think. Be as honest as you can. I plan on changing the color scheme alittle. Give me some input on what you think the color scheme could be. I have red trucks and trailor so keep that in mind. I am thinking red and black lettering, but red with green lettering is also an option.

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    LAWnENFORCER LawnSite Member
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    I don't do flyers so take this for what it's worth. Considering that you are having a Grand Opening, did you do the maintenance and landscape in the picture? If so I would put a picture of my truck and trailer w/equipment. I would also change anything that states low rates. In my experience, the customers that you seem to be shooting for look more for quality and dependability. I am not saying that you can charge what you want, but don't let them know that your rates will be cheaper. Just be competitive with other LCO's. Also I would leave the contract thing out. It can scare away potential customers that are not familiar w/ contracts. During the estimate seems to be the best time to sell the contract.

    Just my opinion!

  3. John Gamba

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    Welcome Superior
    This Is what i Use. This Is one Of the lawns i Do. I put different saying's On them for different area's.
    the Next Picture is a house I Do Maintain. its a real show stopper.
    Good luck

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  4. John Gamba

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    The First picture i put On flyers, Business Card's Tshirts.

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  5. 1MajorTom

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    Your flier looks good. It shows you took a lot of time designing it.
    But how expensive is it going to be to print that with all those colors?

    A few things I would consider.
    How much "value" are you willing to give the customer?
    Your idea of value and the customers may be different. Why make it seem like your services will be cheaply priced? Because I believe you will get price conscious people calling you when you mention the word value.
    You want customers that need a lawn service that aren't concerned with money as their number one priority.
    Also by announcing you are a new company, I think people will be thinking you are "hungry for work" and that you will be willing to keep the prices minimal at first to get the work.

    We did fliers our first year in a few select flat level neighborhoods that we wanted.
    We kept our fliers pretty simple.
    Green paper with black ink.
    We listed all of our services, the areas we were servicing, mentioned that we were fully insured, gave free estimates, and put our phone number big in bold lettering at the bottom of the flier. Our first year, we didn't openly announce we were "brand new". Hey, we didn't lie about it. When asked how long we were in business, we told them that this was our first year. But if no one asked, we didn't volunteer the info. We got calls and customers.
    4 years later, we no longer have the need to use fliers, but when we did, we kept them pretty simple and basic.

    If you think you need a photo, I agree with the earlier post. The house doesn't appeal to me, because since you are a new company I would assume that the landscape is not your work.
    Go with your truck/equipment as mentioned if you need to use a photo.
  6. Superiorlandscaping

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    I have a color laserjet printer at my work. My boss told me i can print as many copies as i want because the ink is in the contract of the business so not to worry about it. I do have a question though, I cut lawns straight as an arrow with a walkbehind ferris 52 and 61 and also with a z series 61. My question is how do you get the perfect color displacement. I have heard rumors of "rollers" behind the mower. If i want lines such as those i have to make several passes which takes to much time and isnt effecient. The blades are sharpened pretty much every other day. Maybe the grass is different up norht or something(not sure where your from) please let me know your secret. The differences in colors are my biggest goal. Thanks for helping me out. I hope i get many more responses. Also I am buying a couple more deck mowers, i ahve arond 10000 to spend but I am looking for a mower that cuts fenway style lines. Yes, my marketing plan is aimed towards higher quality customers. I do not enjoy mowing shitty lawns. It is not rewarding, and the paycheck at the end of the day isnt as big. I have always worked with a landscape company that provides the highest quality service available. My goal is to outshine my current boss, who is moving to the south, so i kind of have niche. I want bigger and better things than him. Thanks for your time.
  7. f350

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    ok, i dont get it. 2003 is your first year? but in the pesticide forum you stated that your customers want you to spray for them. ok what gives
  8. Lanelle

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    I guess that when I see the term 'grand opening', it would imply to me that you have a retail location for customers to come to you. Seems that you are doing a 'launch' or 'kick-off'. You might want to include something about experience if you stick with the 'newbie' element. I'm sure that you will continue to fine tune this so it works for you. Best of luck.
  9. Superiorlandscaping

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    I have been working for a landscaping company for almost 7 years now. I have been a foreman, and basically running the company because of the owners family and drug related problems. The owners wife finally left him. He cannot continue to run his company because it is literally killing him. He has decided to move it down south to the south carolina area. he has taken all his customers which i refered to as my customers and refered them to me. I have been working with them personally for the past 4 years and they basically have no contact with the owner. The company i work for doesnt carry any spraying of pesticides or sprinkler system installs. Since i am taking his place in this niche, i know that some of his clients wanted him(me) to add those to his operation. Now that hes gone, its time for me to expand. Sorry for the confusion, i didnt want to expose the entire situation, but i also dont want to be ridiculed so i decided to clear things up. Hope this helps. Keep the suggestions coming. Sincerley Superior Lawn.
  10. John Gamba

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    yes It's a roller On a Lazer. Also water, Sun, Iron In the fert. There Are rollers for walkbehineds But i forgot where i seen Them.Do a search for It you Might fined It.
    Good luck John.

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