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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by britsteroni, Feb 24, 2007.

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    thats true, i even have a sulky! ha! well i had to take it off cuz the engine on mine isnt quite big enough i guess...its ok on level terrain but slight hills slow it down, and its hard to get it off the trailer. i think your on the right track on the business plan. door hangers help alot!
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    The plan seems prudent.
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    you sound like an intelligent young man, you will do well at what ever you choose..but this is more of a strategy then a business plan..... lots of good info on this, just google business plan, lots of free templates and what not...:)
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    It depends on what your objective for the plan is. It really isn't a business plan you would take to a bank or investor. They will want three years projections, P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, a marketing plan, sales plan, etc. If its just for you and you understand it then it might be enough. My recommendation would be to write the complete business plan just you you are forced to think of everything.
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    What about records, invoices, and all that good stuff?
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    I am not planning on taking anything to a bank or an investor, but I do agree on righting everything out for myself in order to take everything into consideration.

    T's lawncare
    My father is involved in accounting and will handle that side of the business for me. I will bill each account weekly as far as the mowing goes. If I do side jobs with landscaping that will be arranged for payment after completion... Is there anything that I am missing that you can think of T's Lawncare?

    Anyone else's imput is greatly appreciated.
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    With only 30 residential accounts you will not make 30k per year. You won't even gross 30k per year. 30 accounts @ let go a little high $35 = $1050 times 24 mowings = $25200. Thats if you can avg. $35 per yard. With small yards that might be a little hard. If you gross $25200 your net will be around $14-16000 before taxes.
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    Take your numbers times 3 years and I believe he reaches the 30K$. Read his post for comprehension one more time.
  9. britsteroni

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    First of all, echeandia is exactly right... I am wanting to save $30,000 in three years (seasons), not $30,000 a year.

    Second, around here we get atleast 30 mowings a season... and $35 is my goal per lawn (all my areas are very nice areas with people having the money to pay for a good job). So, $1,050 a week is my goal x 30 mowings is $31,500 a year in mowing alone (not counting other odd landscaping jobs).

    With saying all this, I think saving $30,000 in 3 seasons is a very reasonable plan.

    Please any constructive criticism is helpful and welcomed!
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    bump bump bump

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