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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by britsteroni, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Yes, I did read the first post. The point is that you will have only around 15k per year after expenses and less after taxes. You plan on saving for three seasons. What are you going to live on? 2-4k per year. Just trying to be honest. By the way there is a lot of lawn companies in the Springfield area. Chances are you may have to take the less then desirables to get started. These are usually the crap yards where the complain about $25.
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    I still think you math is off. 30 lawns x 35 lawn = $1050 x 30 cuts = $31,500 plus all the miscellaneous landscaping jobs (one landscaping job a week is my goal)... Minus taxes won't be in the $15k ballpark (no payments or employees, just taxes and insuarance, gas, fix-ups etc.)

    I guess I also forgot to post that I have a current job that I can live on and am planning on doing this part time until/unless the business takes off.

    I have considered the idea that Springfield is overpopulated with lawn companies, and I agree with you. Great service will hopefully weed out some of my competition.

    If I only end up with 5 good yards, so be it! I will not work for people that are a pain in the butt! Just too much of a hastle.

    Thank you TMlawncare for you input and ideas.

    All comments are appreciated!!
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    I agree if you provide excellent service you already seperated yourself from a lot of the competition. Springfield is a excellent market. You will probably start mowing in about 3-4 weeks. This is the time to start targeting your custormer base. For you a door knocker ad might work best stating only a certain # of openings. That way if the response is overwhelming you can decline and refer them to another company. Also you may want to find another high quality company to share overflow customers with. This really helps with growth.
    Sorry if the my above post sounded a little harsh. I don't sugar coat extremely well. Just trying to be truthful and offer a few suggestions that have worked for us over the years.
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    Where at in NW missouri are you located? I was born in Liberty, MO so I was curious if you were around those parts...

    Can you go in to more detail about the high quality company to share overflow with... I am not familiar with that to be quite honest. What else might you suggest for advertising? I have considered going door to door with the nighborhoods that I especially want to target for advertising. I figure nothing can beat a firm hand shake, looking them in the eyes, and introducing yourself to someone!

    I wasn't offended by your post or anyone else's. I appreciate all of the advice I can get and don't care if it sounds harsh.

    Any more help with advertising would be great!
    Thanks guys
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    We are an hour North of Liberty. Door to door greeting are nice but extremely time consuming. A door knocker ad is a small advertisement that you place over the door handle of the home you would like to target. Many times you find a whole neighbor hood want to work in and stick one one everybody's door. Just remember to add that certain # of opening clause. That can save your backside. Example if you put out 500 door knocker ads and received over 100 call backs you would be hurting. A lot of times we tend to make a few friends who are also in this industry. If there is a company that shares a lot of your traits you can refer some customers to them and they will do the same for you. Its a excellent way to grow. Once you get your 30 accounts, if you start getting several calls many times they will ask for someone to refer them to. They will be appreciative and it help you and the other company.
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    Are you familiar with Just Mow It's business approach? I am thinking about implementing some of his ideas... Not an exact replica, but similar. Let me know what you think

    As to your comments, I think those are good ideas you have. I already have friends or have worked for numerous companies in the area so they would be good for the referrals if I get too many yards.

    Any ideas on a cheap place for door hangers?

    Thanks for all your help!

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