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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Administrator, Jul 9, 2001.

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    Please consider taking an extra minute out of your time to register to elance.com. For everyone who clicks on the Register to buy services link and fill out the simple FREE form LawnSite.com will get $1. Does not see like much but we have over 4,000 members here and it could add up. This extra $$ will go into the hosting fund. :)

    Elance is "The World's Largest Professional Service Marketplace"

    You can buy and sell your services. Yes, you can even register as a seller and sell your mowing services. People searching elance for this type of service just might find you. I also know a lot of you guys offer other services like web design, etc.

    Thanks for taking a minute to signup.

    Chuck Keough

  2. John DiMartino

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  3. Eric ELM

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    Me too, glad to help. :)
  4. LoneStarLawn

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    Did It!!! I hope it helps
  5. SLS

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    It is done, Chuck.

    One question...how do they know that I'm a LawnSite member so that you can get the cash? Is it because of the "link" you provided?

    I want to make sure I did not miss a page that I am supposed to tell them that "LawnSite sent me".

  6. Administrator

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    Yes, the code is in the link

    Chuck Keough
  7. SLS

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    Right On!

    C'mon everybody....it couldn't be easier! :D
  8. Bower's

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    Done. Hope everyone helps out.
  9. awm

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