Take All Root Rot (TARR)

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    Had a prospective client to have me treat a patch (Less than 1/2K but spreading) of TARR. Clearing it is not as simple as it might seem. Greendoctor, me and lots and lots of research from university finding came up with a course of action. So far the wheat colored spreading has ceased and grass is beginning to green back and stolons are growing back. A fairly slow process but is working in a very hostile climate for humidity and heat. If anyone is having any issues with TARR, PM me. Reading at least 12 full reports began to show a pattern in conditions, fertilization, season,irrigation, and treatments.
    Finally, there are those that willingly help each other and those that condemn for whatever reason. We are not each other's competition--our competition is those tangible things that people think they need to be happy (Balmart junk, all sorts of toys). Stuff to which they gladly throw their money and neglect their intangible lawn.The worst thing I ever seen is one of those above ground pools on a crappy, starved, spotty uneven space around a nicely built house.

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