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Take me through your process!!!


LawnSite Member
Manassas, VA
Obviously there is a process every customer,,,NEW CUSTOMER must go through to be services by our companies. I do it a certain way, and I'm sure everyone has their own certain way to get the ball rolling. After a customer calls your with the address and says they want an estimate,, what do you all do.. What is your process from estimate call to starting to work.

I started off by doing estimate, then coming and visiting later with each customer with a contract. This is to time consuming. This year I have a proposal form which doubles as a contract. Its nice.
I also am looking forward to seeing everyones contract forms if possible, I'll try and post mine soon as I get the scanner up and running?

Thanks guys,, take me thtough your quickest easiest...LEGAL process....

Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member
Milford CT
I don’t set up estimates to see the property I set them up to meet the customer they then show me the property and tell me what they want done. Then I write up the estimate or contract right there on the spot unless its some large planting job that I need to do homework on. So I leave with a signed contract after our first meeting bidding is then over all competition is no longer a issue and I don’t need to waste what little time I have doing follow ups.

Lux Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
Cleveland Ohio
I think it all depends on the customer,when I talk to them on the phone I try to find out if they want to be there.Sometimes people want to show you around there yard while others just want an estimate left in the mailbox or door.Its to hard to me with every customer.Say you do a big advertising in the spring and you get busy meeting and talking to everybody theres know time for clean-ups.I prefer to leave an estimate then talk to the customer on the phone and answer any questions they may have.