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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by MOW ED, Feb 7, 2002.

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    Ok, I am giving this a blind stab. I have spent a few hours on the learning curve trying to put together a web site.
    I am using Microsoft Front Page. I have been doing ok so far and Iam just looking to get into this by getting my toes wet. I do not want to pay a designer to make a site right now. I want to do it myself.

    My mission is simple I want to add the website to flyers and to biz cards and mayby on the bumper of my truck. I want the site to expand on the services I have. I know that there are many ways to go about it but tell me the simplest way.

    Do I design the site, then register my domain and then somehow publish the site and refine it.
    Are there any tricks to use with Front Page.
    I am committed to keep using Front Page for now so please only help me with this.

    What are the steps from beginning to having that page show up on the web??

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    Things to do to get on the web:

    Thing 1) Find a host that supports FrontPage extensions. This involves finding ISP-type places that say they can host your site. Look at those. They should say right up front what software extensions they accept.

    Thing 2) Compare prices, sturdiness of host (you don't want lots of down time), support. Some hosts are free, but the site is incredibly slow and you have to allow banners advertising other people's stuff. The way I chose? Earthlink is my ISP. They also offered web hosting at a reasonable fee. They're big. End of story.

    Thing 3) Choose your host, sign up with them. You will have to give them a domain name for them to search ('stonehengebpl.com') to see if the one you want is taken. If it isn't, they take a few days to get all the 0's and 1's in place, and send you an e-mail that says: 'Here's your website address. To publish to it, here's your login and password. Have fun.'

    Thing 4) Take me to lunch at the Out-O-Town club so you can get some pointers face-to-face on web design.

    Thing 5) Create a cool site in Frontpage.

    Thing 6) Publish it using frontpage publishing tool/wizard (don't worry - this part is really easy).

    Thing 7) Start a thread in the Website Discussion Forum saying - 'Here's my new website - check it out!'
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    this is our host ....total for the year was $100 with name register ....lots of help ..... great members forum with design help

    keep the index page clean n simple .... with a side bar for other pages .... publishing is easy ..... when on your index page in normal view go to "file" .... than "publish web" .... enter your "url" n password ....good luck
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