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    A beautiful addition to your bottom line

    The Stander X is the latest mowing technology from Wright engineered for eye-opening productivity. In addition to the high ground speed, maneuverability and reliability built into every Wright mower, the Stander X features the AERO CORE DECK™, which delivers even more performance and efficiency advantages:

    •Space saver design increases deck strength and allows caster wheels to be recessed – resulting in a shorter and more compact footprint.
    •Air-tapered surfaces create pressure that pulls grass up for a clean, uniform cut.
    •Anti-clumping baffles prevent debris build-up at discharge.

    But don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about the Stander X and take one for a test ride at your nearest Wright dealer today.

    •Available in 48, 52 and 61 in. decks
    •Patented stand-on design allows you to easily bail out or step off to pick up debris
    •AERO CORE DECK™ design yields a compact footprint, clean cut and less clumping at discharge
    •Low center of gravity and large wheels for greater hillside stability
    •Hydro-Gear 15 cu. in. wheel motors and 12 cc pumps with cast iron heads and cooling fans
    •Sealed tapered roller bearings in front casters

    Be sure to see the full line of Wright mowers at www.wrightmfg.com.

    Save up to $1000 with our Seasonal Buying Program. Ask your local dealer or visit www.wrightmfg.com.

    3.759% Financing For 60 Months
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    I purchased the 48" Stander X and it is awesome so far. It is cold here but with the extremely mild winder we have had here in NC, I have had a chance to cut a few lawns.

    The machines has great power and is super stable on hills. I must confess that this is my first stander, last machine was an eXmark ZTR and I had to learn to trust the machine on hills.

    My customers have all commented on how well it cuts and I must agree. Having not tested the Toro GrandStand against the Wright in a real cutting situation, I am not in a position to compare cuts. But if my customers love it, I guess I do too!

    One thing about the controls. For me, the Wright seemed more natural. It was easier for me to hop on and get comfortable with their operation. The controls are also adjustable for Max Speed vs. responsiveness. By default, they are set to Max and which is in my opinion, very twitchy. Until I am completely comfortable, I have set them to the alternate setting. This setting reduces top speed from about 9.5 mph to about 7 mph but also makes the machine more predictable.

    Can't wait until this spring to get this thing mowing!
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    ArieMcD or Wright,
    I also have a new Stander X in 52" but did not know about the control adjustment for speed versus responsiveness. Where is this adjustment?
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    If you follow the control rods from the pumps to their top mounting location you will see a second set of holes, these are what we call the slow holes. The main intent is if someone is new to the Stander you can move the rods to the slow holes and it will slightly drop the top speed and lower the responsiveness of the hydro system making it easier to control the mower while learning.

    Best Regards
    Wright Mfg.
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    OK thanks. I think we have the hang of it now but that's good to know.

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