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    You can never have enough speed, agility and versatility in your mowers – which is why you need to experience the revolutionary AERO CORE™ DECK in our Stander® X™ and Sport X™ models.

    The AERO CORE DECK features:

    The Stander® X™ is the latest mowing technology from Wright engineered for eye-opening productivity. In addition to the high ground speed, maneuverability and reliability built into every Wright mower, the Stander® X™ features the AERO CORE™ DECK, which delivers even more performance and efficiency advantages:

    • A space-saving design that yields greater deck strength and durability
    • Recessed caster wheels for a more compact footprint and greater maneuverability
    • Anti-clumping baffles to prevent debris build-up so you can finish jobs quicker
    • Air-tapered surfaces which create pressure that pulls up grass for a cleaner cut


    In short, the AERO CORE™ DECK enables you to do more work in less time with better results than ever. So why wait?

    To find a Wright dealer near you and demo the new AERO CORE™ DECK, click here.

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