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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by IMoLwnz.com, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. IMoLwnz.com

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    Looking at a Takeuchi 140 tomorrow. Looked at it before and liked it.

    Anyone have any issues or have any reasons NOT to buy one? Have to check on how to get parts. Unit has under 800hrs and seems well maintained.

    Has Heat and air.

    getting 2 buckets and a preperator (rock hound)

    26,000 for it.

    We had NEW Jd's rented for the snow this winter and I am a john deere guy but non of us were really that impressed. They are rentals and they are stripped units with foot controlls, no 2 speed....ext.

    Any info would be good!

    We are going to use it for Hardscapeing and winter work also
  2. AWJ Services

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    Google them. You will find very little negative comments about them.

    I enjoy mine.
  3. IMoLwnz.com

    IMoLwnz.com LawnSite Member
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    Yes I have not found any bad...

    So, Im pretty happy about it. It will really help to trim alot of wasted time, this year is looking to be very good for us!
  4. bobcat_ron

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    I'm loving my TL130, very simple, basic, no BS crap in the cabs that other names have, downsides, oil changes are harder to do, the TL130 needs to have the cab popped up to do the oil filter and fuel, but the 140 might have a remote location for that, and battery placement is harder to get out, you need to swing out the radiator and bracket to get the battery out.
    Other than that they are a real performer with super smooth pilot controls and mega hydraulic power.
  5. mxridernorth

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    I'm liking mine but as Ron says, there are some annoyances in servicing.

    Servicing the hydraulic tank suction strainer is a royal pain - at least it was on my machine. You have to remove the radiator and this should be simple as the thing hangs on two big brass pins that should just slide out. "Should" being the operative word. After swearing at them for a half hour or so I gave up and just removed the whole radiator bracket assembly and pounded them out. A little emery cloth on the lathe and the fit was it should have been. I'm glad it'll be a long while before I have to do that again.

    There is an oil filter and inline hydraulic filter that need to have the cab propped up to access. But once the cab is up, everything is very easy to work on. My machine has 2400 hours and still runs great and appears to be well constructed.
  6. bobcat_ron

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    I had fun with mine this morning-the A/C belt tensioner pulley bearing took a dump a week ago and it was spinning on the carrier, to get to that pulley, I had to swing the radiator out, take 3 of the 4 bolts that hold the fan shroud and radiator bracket and pull down and pull the shroud away, then I took the 3/4" nut off the pulley shaft, punched a new bearing in and replaced the pulley, the steel hydraulic line from the tank was only giving me about 1/2" of room, so it was a tight squeeze, then just to get the proper tension, you have to leave the pulley retaining nut loose, and use a 1/2" socket on a universal joint and 6" extension with a socket and start cranking, then tighten the retainer nut, having the shroud loose and hanging down gives you more room to work.

    Total time was 4 hours, cost of bearing and in-house shop labour was $85.00.

    But I SAVED $400 in shop labour by doing it myself, and I loved doing it.

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