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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by whiffyspark, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. whiffyspark

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    Anyone have one? Wtf is up with the guard handles. They're on regular models as well


    Looks like a Matel toy to me now
  2. whiffyspark

    whiffyspark LawnSite Fanatic
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  3. dozerman21

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    I was just thinking the other day that I haven't seen a single new style machine anywhere...even on these forums. They have been out for over a year now I believe. We don't have any dealers close anymore. The new paint scheme is ugly, they should have stuck with red and gray. I demoed a TL240, thought it was a nice machine and had several strong points, (best controls I've ran) but I liked the TR320 better, and the dealer was too far away. The cab needed updated too, and this series was supposed to do that with a pressurized cab. I haven't heard any feedback either.
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  4. whiffyspark

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    I knew the wheeled version was out I just noticed the tracked version.
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  5. lumberjack1986

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    The grab handles look bolt on, which means they're easy to replace if they get damaged. I've seen quite a few of the old style bent up pretty badly, welding is their only option.

    My biggest complaint on the TL line is cab noise and lack of cab refinement. I want sound levels in the cab comparable to an excavator. As it stands, I wear ear plugs when running my MTL325 (TL250). Being able to comfortable listen to a radio would be very attractive on those long days.

    My next biggest complaint is the window protectors aren't removable, which makes cleaning the glass very cumbersome. Operating with dirty glass is for the birds.
  6. SellingIron

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    from FTE
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    I have only seen one down here in FL. Not to much product support. Would definitely take off the rails, there only going to get bent. I'm sure you guys have seen this video on youtube.

  7. Hollowellreid

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    They are fairly similar to the older 100/200 series line. different motors, a supposed pressurized cab, a few other small details but basically the same overall machine as they have been for years.

    I personally like the paint. I priced a TL8 (TL230 replacement) and TL10 (240 replacement) and was a bit blown away by the price..I remember these being no frills machines that were affordable for the work they would do.

    A new bare bones TL8 is $46,900

    TL10 starts at $58,400

    A cab adds over $6k to either.

    at those prices I'll keep buying used. Can get a fairly nice tl230 for ~25k.
  8. lumberjack1986

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    The emissions requirements have driven prices up across the board. Hopefully the new machines use a lot of the same parts and that will keep parts availability up for the older machines.
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  9. Chris_NC06

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    I saw a new TL8 being trailered about a week ago, I like the paint. I might go look at one, the older Taki's are pretty popular around here.
  10. stuvecorp

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    I don't understand what you're complaining about? They look fine, look at about every used TK and the handles are a pretzel. TK should have made the handles bolt on from the start. Not a huge fan of the new paint scheme.

    I have a 08 TL130 but honestly are they doing any refining too their machines? The cab could be much better and some of the layout is just dumb - they put the window wiper control under the seatbar on the drive side so if you want to turn it on you have to stop. I could go on and on with stuff like that but still like them...
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