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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by westcoh, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. westcoh

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    So I've got my eye on a Takeuchi TL130 for sale, and just wondering if anyone here has any experience with one? Seems like just about everyone has good things to say about the Takeuchis, but is there anything in specific to watch out for when buying a used one? Anyone know if a TL130 will be able to move around 3,500 lb pallets? Obviously it would be nice to step up to a 140, but access is often really tight on my jobsites and I think anything above a 130 is just gonna be too big.

    Appreciate any thoughts / advice you all might have.
  2. Scag48

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    Maybe 3,500 pounds at ground level or a little above, but definately not off a trailer I don't believe. I don't know the ROC off hand. There are a couple Takeuchi guys on here that will respond I'm sure.
  3. Dirt Digger2

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    we have a 130 and love it...the only thing it does though is push dirt and lift big square bales so i dont know if it would lift 3500 or not
  4. ksss

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    Thats one thing about the TK CTL's the 140 and 150 are physically way big. You have to have room to move to utilize them. I think 3500 will be at the limit of the 130. As far as used, just scrutinize the undercarriage, their expensive to go through just like everyone elses.
  5. getthenet

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    I used a t130 last year quite a bit. It will unload a 3500lb pallet, We even unloaded a couple of 4000lb pallets off of an 18 wheeler. It tickles though! would not want to lift over 300lbs every day with it. Only problem we had was track came off 3 or 4 times. It was an easy 10 minute fix after the first time. As with any of them, we went in mud in the winter and the next day frozen solid, would not move. I like how easy the joystick moves on it. You could drive it with 1 finger. Hope that helps.
  6. westcoh

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    from Alberta
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    Thanks for all the replies. The majority of my supplies are delivered so 90% of the time I'd just be moving pallets around rather than unloading off a truck/trailer, but it is good to hear that it'll do it if necessary. Anyone who has a TL130 approximately how many hours are you getting out of a set of tracks?
  7. AWJ Services

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    The tracks will go 600 too 1200+ hours depending on the operating conditions.

    I have a TL140 and 3500 pallets off of a 18 wheeler make it tippy when backing up.
    My salesman says that a 130 will not safely unload sod.
    I would step up too a 140.

    I here people say they are physically big but they are big where it does not matter much.
    The actual track footprint on most skids is pretty much equal and the other manufacturers just put a small cab on the machine which in turn makes them look smaller.

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