Takeuchi TL150 High Flow????

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by BIGBEN2004, May 25, 2008.

  1. BIGBEN2004

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  2. SiteSolutions

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    1. Gyro Trac offers a low flow head, maybe FAE did the same?

    2. Super Trak makes a High flow Takeuchi TL150, so maybe that is a Super Trak machine?

    3. From the sound of it, that thing could barely chew it's way out of a paper sack! I could have chopped up that little tree ten times faster with a bush hog on my T-190. Or even my old school bush hog and Yanmar tractor! So my third guess is maybe the guy doesn't know you need a high flow machine to run that cutter?
  3. bobcat_ron

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  4. AWJ Services

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    I have said this before But in my owners manual they list High flow as an option.
  5. bobcat_ron

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    And the people running that mulcher were still getting used to it's performance, check out their stand on mulcher, now that's wild!
  6. BIGBEN2004

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    On the side under the TL150 it said HIGH FLOW. In the one video shot you get a good shot of it.
  7. ASCHAL45

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    Maybe in the UK they offer high flow. That is where that clip is from I think
  8. ksss

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    The highflow is available from a third party but can be ordered from the factory. Much like the 5000 psi option on CASE skid steers.
  9. Mowingman

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    That is a pretty pathetic performance. It could hardly grind that little brushy tree ,without nearly stalling. I think I will pass on that rig.
  10. Ausman

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    High flow has been standard on TL150 hear in australia for over a year.

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