Taking a photo of your customer's home for a website

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MowHouston, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. MowHouston

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    Well, from what I have already read, this isn't against the law but I wanted some opinion.

    Got a customer's home that looked great after service and took a picture to put on my website to show our work.

    Mr Pita emails me to say he's canceling service and to take the picture off my website.

    What is your opinion?
  2. Frontier-Lawn

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    i have it in my contracts i have the right to take pics and use them for my website after any removal of said address markers from the pic.

    example before and after pics


  3. Lawn Enforcer

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    I would take it off. Mr. PITA might check out the website later and find out you didn't take it off and sue you and win because of some stupid "homeowner rights" law that nobody knows about except a lawyer.
  4. MowHouston

    MowHouston LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Well my terms of service state that I have the right to change the terms of service at any time, so I should just put that in there to shut him up. :laugh:

    And this is the guy's property.


    I have had to bag this every time 9,000 sq ft (very large back yard). I've had to double mow it EVERY time for $59. What a steal.

    First time he told me to cut it high. I cut it at 3.5 inches, he calls and says its too high, lower it... I lower it and then he sends me a letter in the mail with a check (we dont accept checks) saying that he went over the lawn the next day and still was able to bag clippings off his lawn... this guy is a nutball man. Of COURSE there is going to be clippings.

    Next thing you know he's gonna be pissed because there's cold in refrigerator...
  5. MarcSmith

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    So, they are a PITA just for asking you to remove the pic of their house from your website. Why does that make someone a PITA???

    if the customer was already a PITA, then thats the last house I'd take a picture of.

    What if Exmark took a picture of you riding their mower on a job site and then used that picture in all of their advertising...

    You have to remember, you are using someone else's property to publicly promote your business. Usually when that happens compensation is usually involved.

    Personally I would have asked for permission. Some folks are pretty weird about the internet. Heck my Sister in law asked me my wife to remove the pics of her son and my daughter from our photo bucket album...

    Ask the folks to reconsider, offer them compensation for the use of the their house as advertising (few free cuts) apologize for violating their trust and their privacy. Take the high road and abide by their wishes and remove the picture.
  6. MowHouston

    MowHouston LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Read the last part of the previous post to see why they are a PITA. His lawn -looks- good, thats why I have the picture up. He's an ass, but that has nothing to do with the appearance of his lawn.

    He's not canceling service because I took a picture of his house. He's canceling because he cant figure out if he wants it cut high or low, or bagged with a leaf vac. The guy MOWED his lawn the day after we did JUST to see how many extra clippings he could get. Then wrote me a letter to complain about it. A REAL paper letter in the mail, not email. He mails a check when we specifically say we do not accept checks. Now he says his bill is paid in full when it isn't. Definition = PITA

    Google has taken over a million photos to create google earth so that you can drive along streets via the internet. Tons of homes and businesses are on there. They didn't ask for permission either.

    I will be calling a good customer of mine that is a lawyer just to make sure before I make the decision.
  7. MowHouston

    MowHouston LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Ah screw it. I'll just remove the photo. I know I'm the bigger guy here. Hopefully he'll pay his bill so he doesn't have to get 3 calls a day about lawn cutting.

    Thanks guys.
  8. ALC-GregH

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    Tell him you'll remove the picture AFTER you receive payment in full. Be sure to return his check he sent you with a reminder that you do not accept personal checks. I wouldn't move an inch until it's satisfied.

    Also, I don't see a pic, I thought you posted it on here?
  9. Lawn Pawn

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    As a commercial photographer for over 25 years.... it really gets down to who has the most money, and the most to prove.

    Legally you would need a property release agreement to use this image. Having said that... over the years I have never seen anything that is unbreakable if you have enough money.

    Life is too short.... just do not use it.
  10. Icepuck72

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    I always ask permission.

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