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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HOOLIE, Jan 20, 2007.


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    Who accepts American Express? I just switched CC processing to the bank where I have the biz account. Amex has an 'intro' offer where it's only $5 per month for the first $5000 processed...NO transaction fees, percentages, just $5 per month. Of course I could easily exceed that limit...

    Amex is the card everyone likes to use, but nobody likes to accept :laugh: Seems as if you charge enough for your services it would be a great way to get paid quickly :cool2:
  2. mmacsek

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    I accept AMEX and get that rate also. If memory serves me correctly I believe that rate was for businesses operating out of your house and not charging more than 8K. They process fast and never a mistake with any CC processing. Alot more than I can say about the postal service. That's a whole other thread. I will be pushing credit cards more this year. Matt

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