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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pj550v12, Mar 31, 2008.

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    I have had several customers in the past few weeks, whos lawns have suffered from grub damage. I'm assuming it happened last summer or fall (they weren't lawn customers at that time). Now they want me to take care of the grubs, and make their lawn come back. I've searched the boards and asked around and it is my understanding dylox, does not affect new seed and it should be safe to use in combination, do you guys agree?? Secondly, is now really the right time to treat for grubs?? Sodding is out of the question, and the lawns are both in the condition that allows them to easily be pulled up and leave nothing but dirt exposed, so I would probobly put down some add some fresh top soil, and then seed.

    Overall I'm curious if 1) Grub control and seed can be used at the same time?
    2) Would grub control have an effect right now?

    Thanks in advance? I'm pretty good with most lawn treatments, but grubs always leaves me with a few questions.
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    Go visit your local Lesco dealer. They will become your absolute best friend for anything with pests or seed. They will know the regional specifics. Trust me on this one. They are priceless to me.
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    Yeah I use them quite often for all my typical fertilizing needs, plus I run Lesco mowers so I'm a huge lesco fan. That was gonna be my next move, just curious what some of you folks think. Thanks Eagle
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    It might be a couple of weeks too early to treat for grubs, depends on soil temps. If the grubs are within 1-2" of the surface then I would treat with Dylox. Insecticides labeled for grub control will not have any affect on seedling or established grass.

    Remove all damaged turf.
    Prepare seedbed if broadcast seeding. You need loose soil to drag the seed into.
    Seed and drag it in.
    Apply starter fertilizer and Dylox.
    Apply some type of mulch.
    Keep well watered.

    Strongly recommend an application of Merit in early summer. With late instar grubs many are large enough that they aren't killed by Dylox.

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