Taking down lights - need help with organizing as we take down

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by meets1, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. meets1

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    This week is looking good for weather for me and not much snow/ice left on the eve's or thruout the roofline.

    I need a better way of organizing our take down methods. As we take off roof what do you guys do to be better prepared for next year and not stand there for an hour figuring out to unravel those lights again?

    We used to tag the ends and put in a tote and call it good. But there has to be better ways of doing so. Just lookiing for added ideas.
  2. shade tree landscaping

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    we take pics of the house with the decorations on it. Number each section of roof lights both on the picture, and on the shingle tab. Next year just have to look at pic and know that light string #3 goes over garage, and #5 is for over windows as an example.

    As far as take downs, each section of the house goes into a seperate garbage bag, labeled. Cords and timers all go in one bag and everything gets packed into a box, again labeled (SMITH, 123 Main St Anytown NJ box 1 of 2). Take downs if done right can save you alot of time on the re-install following years.
  3. Jason Rose

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    I use bins and place a sheet or two of newspaper between the coils in the bins. Been doing it that way for years and it works quite well for me. 99% of it is how they are being wound up, so that they will uncoil again without just turning into a big knot. Yeah, having the shigle/gutter clips on them never makes it work perfect, but PATIENCE when unwinding always wins.

    I usually number the strings with a sharpie on the plugs. Left to right on the house. Be sure to include a note as to where the start needs to be if it's not exactly on the corner. No matter what it gets tricky and there's always a lot of blame passed onto the light gnomes for flipping clips around the other way! haha.

    I like the idea of taking pictures, that WOULD simplify things exponentialy. Would take a good amount of time printing them out and cataloging them by house though...

    I can't believe that you are just NOW able to take your lights down! Had all of mine done by mid janurary! lol
  4. shade tree landscaping

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    I just finished up with take downs 2 weeks ago due to so much snow left so I can def see where hes comng from.

    Jayson, taking the pics was the smartest thing ever did! It makes it idiot proof so to speak. Bought a printer that accepts my memory card from camera, keep the printer in my truck and print on the spot when we do take downs or the original estimate. Different color markers mean different thing, red with arrows shows where power comes and which way cords go etc.

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