taking kids to work?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NewbieOwner, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. NewbieOwner

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    Hey folks,

    As summers approaching, I figured this might apply to more than just me...

    Do any of you take your children out mowing with you?

    Our daughter is 6 (almost the size of an 8yr old though) I've done it a few times (on select days when the wife needs a break) We got her some safety glasses, big old earmuff style ear protection and some CUTE steeltoes... She gets to blow with the (almost no-longer with us) weed eater blower. We've had long discussions about what she can and can't do with it... She'll happilly spend 2-3 hours blowing off sidewalks (its a game to her)

    While I'm mowing/trimming, she's usually either entertaining my customers (or abusing their pets... :D) Or playing/reading in the truck... Can't really let her loose near the cutting equipment, I know she doesn't understand what can happen if she gets to close. No matter how many times I try to explain...

    The real trick is trying to re-blow what she's done, when she's not looking (she takes offence to my touch ups)

    She's also getting good at picking out chickweed (Now she just needs to learn to get the roots too) I think she just likes playing in the dirt...

    What about you guys?

  2. leprechaun_50

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    Hate to say it but I don't think that it is very professional to take your kids to work. Would you want to go to your doctor or lawyer and have their kids following them around?
  3. yardboyltd

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    But why is it that we always compare ourselves to positions that require 7 year degrees...

    However I can agree to an extent. The owner of the barbershop brings her mom in sometimes. It's exhausting to say the least... She'll talk your leg off, all I want to do is relax and get my hair cut.

    Perhaps your customers might find you unresponisble by bringing her out there as well as a part nuisance messing with pets etc...
  4. wolfpacklawn

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    If you are a solo operator and do mostly residential I don't think it's that big of a deal to have your daughter with you. Especially if she stays out of the way and doesn't cause any problems. If you're doing residentials the vast majority of the houses are empty and anyone driving by will probably assume that the kid lives at the house and not associate her with you.

    I personally have never brought my kids with me.

    I would be shocked to find out that someone drops you because you have your daughter with you. My chiropractor has his kids with him at work sometimes. They are around your daughters age and they have their own room to play in. I have no problem with this, they are well behaved and never interfere with his work.
  5. NewbieOwner

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    from Alberta
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    Notice I did say select days (usually fridays/saturdays) Mostly because fridays mostly has the old ladies who have nothing better to do than talk my ear off. When I don't bring her, they talk my ear off :) (Almost all ask when I'll be bringing her by again) Most of my saturday work (odd maintenance requests that don't fit with cutting) the customers are warned in advance, if they have a problem with it...No problem! (The work can wait)

    I am a solo operator, me and my wife both work 100% at our buisness... And her being at home in the 'office' all day, she needs her days off. I need my time with the anklebiter :D

    Don't get me wrong, it's not something I do all the time, I've done it 3 times in the last 2 months. But I also find it's good time with my daughter, and she has learned to apprieciate how hard we work and what money is "We make $$.$$ off this lawn, thats enough to buy 2 dinners at mcdonalds"

  6. yardboyltd

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    Well your the only one that truly knows the right answer. Sounds like you answered yoursel. :)
  7. Lawn-Scapes

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  8. Indiana

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    My wife and I have two boys. A four year old and a one year old. Certain days I will take A.J. (the four year old) to work with me. We go pick up flowers and plants, install annuals, spread mulch, or talk to customers and estimates.

    I don't think I am unprofessional by doing this. I don't take him while I'm mowing. He doesn't bother customers, in fact they get a kick out of him putting flowers in.

    I think it's more important to show kids by example (how to talk to people, organize activites, WORK, and all) then to look "professional". What is professional?

    Doing a good clean job for a fair price, on time.

    I think taking my boy to work with me shows him that I want to spend time with him, who cares what other people think. In the end he's my son and if I get fired or yelled at because of him, I don't need that customer anyway.

    We work to live, not live to work. I enjoy the days I can spend with him working and running around.
  9. awm

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    things have changed . was a time when most boys learned a skill or two working with dad. richard petty would be one that most people have heard of . but theres plenty more ,that werent famous.
    at the least it allows for some knowledge of tools etc.i was talkin with a fella the other day who couldnt figure out how to put his new bar on his new chain saw.. he ll survive ,lots do . but in my opinion u dont do your best to prepare them for life ,unless u teach them all u can.girls use to stay home more but the same applies for them nowdays. still hope mamma teaches them how to cook.:)
    and as far as that goes mom might teach them corporate decision making.
    boy times are good arnt they..

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