taking over an already existing maintenance business

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by jstallcupsr, Jul 24, 2012.

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    How many accounts a week will you be taking care of. $6,000 a month is a nice start for you. You should be able to make decent money with you working fulltime and your bro part - fulltime. I can see the past owner getting out. His other job was probaly working fine for him. To run a side lawn care buisiness paying a crew probaly wasn't enough cashflow coming in to worry about having a crew do it for him. Good luck. My advise to you is: Work hard and be lean with your help and make the most profits you can with the work you have. Try to get some landscape work with those customers and become fullservice. That will keep you busy with your helper too. Good luck. Sounds like a great oppurtunity, other guys would love the free customers.
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    I would definitely love $6000 a month in free accounts.
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    I see the problem rite off the bat. The owner is off drivin a truck rather than running a business him self. Paying for the employees and gas alone are more than $6,000 a month. Then add insurance and all the other expenses and you are upside down quick. If he doesn't want any cash for the business than take his offer. If you know the accounts and can make it work with you and one other person than do it. But watch your expenses closely. Good luck.
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