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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnboy82, May 23, 2001.

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    hey all. joshua had mentioned to andrews lawns about taking pictures of work done in the past. i never take pictures. and when i do they are for bragging rights only. and that is of trees i have cut down that are in bad places. i only did that this year. i show them to friends and that is all. i have never had a potential customer ask me for pictures of my work. however they mostly come from word of mouth. so how often do you guys take pictures? and when do you know to take pictures? who asks? etc. just wondering.
  2. joshua

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    mostly their for bragging rights, but you never know if someone asks. also, 99% of the people that call me are word of mouth, so basically i have the jobs if i want them.
  3. paul

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    We take picture of all our work. We also take pictures while we are building it and if we run into problems. This way we have documentation of what we had to do and how we built it.
  4. gusbuster

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    I always try to take pics of my sod and sprinkler jobs. This way, when I collect final payment, I give the client a memento. Great for showing how the work is done also. Plus, when I get a chance, I always try to post it on my website for everybody to see.
  5. Atlantic Lawn

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    On everyday jobs we use a digital camera to show before and after. For special projects or portfolio pictures we use a 35mm.
  6. Guido

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    We like to take pictures of our work to look back and remember the good, the bad and the ugly. We did a big road and sidewalk rebuild job last year that we took over 150 pictures of and made a great slideshow step by step (some of you have seen it). It worked out good to show people who don't know our job, how much work actually went into "JUST throwin in a new road and sidewalk". We're in the military, so its not used for the same reasons, but its good to have. Once you buy a digital camera, it doesn't cost you anything, so snap away!

    I also like to document all of our stuck vehicles to laugh about later. I just put another 32 pictures of a 2 day incident we had on our airfield last week.

    Luckily, believe it or not, I wasn't the one to get stuck in any of the pictures, though I did hang up a loader (barely) right when we were finished pulling all of the other 10 vehicles out of the mud!

    They're all on my website, feel free to go check them out.

    If I did run a business, they would be helpful for a portfolio though, I'm all for the idea!
  7. eskals

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    I saw the pics and was ROTFLMAO. Whats the story this time? Looks like you guys had just about every piece of equipment you have available stuck. Dozers, loaders, tractors, Pickups, humvees...

    Damn. Like I said before, I swear you guys try to get things stuck! :D

    Ever since I got my digital camera a few days ago, I have been snapping a ton of pictures.

  8. Guido

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    In the AM :

    2 Guys got farm tractors stuck after trying to mow where they shouldn't have been mowing, a swamp with large stumbs and the like that is brushcut once a year. Their batwings easily got hung up on the stumps and of course they don't back up they just try to spin their tires faster. Boom, their stuck. One of our other genuis' try to go in their with a HUMMWV to get them out, he sticks himself before he even gets close! 2 of us came out right before lunch with a loader and pulled the 2 tractors and the HUMMWV out with ease (and without getting the loader stuck!)

    In the PM : Those guys decided to give it another go and mow in their again :) !! The get stuck again in the same place. One guy decides since he is from the backwoods of PA he can get in their with a Ford 6 PAX P/U truck (with about slicks on it) and pull them....... WRONG! He's stuck! Another guy in a loader comes out to pull on them and he sinks the loader! (The bad one). We went out and pulled everyuthing out with a backhoe and our little dozer excapt for the loader. It gave us some trouble at the end of the day.


    We went out and dug around the loader a bit with a backhoe and ran the dozer to pull it out of the hole. In the morning that had some problems with a single dozer getting hung up out there, so they brought the second out to get it unstuck. They got that dozer stuck too! Pulled it out with the backhoe. No problem, came right out. And of course just as we're packing up they get another farm tractor stuck. And yes, now after all the stuff I pulled out, I went a got a damn loader hung up pulling on the tractor. It was no problem to get out with the dozer though, I wasn't far into the mud at all. Right after lunch we went out there and tied the two dozers in tandem and yanked it out no problem!

    So Body Count : 10 stuck vehicles, 2 days = 10 cases of beer owed to the shop! :)
  9. 4_wheeler

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    I believe that you should take pictures of everything that you do. As you progress in your expertise you can look bace and see what you have done and if once stumped on an idea for a great looking lawn you can go to your pictures!

  10. KD'sLawns

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    It is a good idea to take pictures of everything. You never know when you may need them. I keep a small album in my truck and have shown it to numerous potential customers. Once they see the type of work you do it helps persuade them to use you. I have picked up many jobs on just pictures of my own landscape in my yard. Another reason you should always take pictures, is for proof of work done. My terms are always 50% up front and 50% at completion. If the customer were to decide that they were not going to pay the remainder of the bill, then I would have pictures to take to court to show the amount of work performed. Have not had this ever happen, but it is always good to cover yourself. Bragging rights always account for about 99% of the reasoning for pictures. It is great to look back and see what you have created.

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