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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DoubleCutter, Nov 29, 2003.

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    Hey guys, I been taking classes for my supervisors test now for a month and a half, And I was just wondering if you had any words of wisdom or recommendations.(ya know besides study..other wisea$$ remarks)
    Seriously any words of wisdom. My written is the 3rd and my oral is a month later. Im fine on the math calculations. Need some more studying on chemicals, and insects. Diseases I am all set on, Its just a plethora of info I dont really know what to concentrate on. Well I have an idea, pretty much everything...:mad:
    Any thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated
    PS Im taking the test here im my home state...the Kommunist republic of Connecticut.
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    Bill " Good Luck " I have been reading alot of post here on Pest & Fert. I am just overwhelmed with all the Knowledge & info some of these members have. I Have been thinking maybe going for my license (Pest & Fert ) I am solo, My understanding in N.H. I will also need a Supervisors License. Again Best of Luck !!!!

    Please let us Know how you did!!!:drinkup: Bill
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    good luck to you you will do fine
  4. SodKing

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    I last took that test 13 years ago but I will advise the following: The testers are currently concentrating in the following areas, in no order of importance: Label, safety for you and the environment, groundwater protection, Spill response, Then insects, weeds, and disease.

    When you go to do the oral, don't volunteer too much info they will use it against you. I recall a question I was asked from one tester. He stated he has a dead spot what is it? I then had to go through my procedure for determining what it was , how to check for insects, chemical injury and then disease and finished with I would really have to view the spot to really determine what is wrong. He counctered that "oh It was there when the snow melted whats you best guess?" I stipulated that it could possible either pink or grey snow mold. (He was just looking for snow mold) He then asked which is it? (He truly didn't know the difference between the two) I countered, " you would have to send it to a lab or look at it with a microscope to accurately determine which it is. He said no way why can't you just tell me? I answered that both fungus present similar and it is only through determining the branching angle of the fungal hyphae that you can tell the two apart. He was satisfied with that and we went on to another question.

    My best advise would be before you walk in the room, take a breath and recognise that YOU know more than anyone else in the room about your chosen profession.

    You will do well.

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