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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ztuttle7, Jan 15, 2013.

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    I've been in the landscape industry for a long time. 12 years ago I had my own some what successful business. I then worked for a large landscape company for s coupe years as a foreman then supervisor. Then went into the union and now for the last two years I am working for a multi million dollar commercial landscaping company in a management position.
    I am ready to take the plunge again. I am going to cash out my annuity from the union which is roughly $40000. I want to use that to go at it full-time aggressively. I am in the mist of writing a business plan. I am not then capable of buying and doing the work. Along with chemical license I am icpi certified.
    I would like to do the full-time with out working another job. I have a truck which I wouldn't have to buy. Most basic hand tools. I will be purchasing an enclosed trailer. I want to do both lawn and landscape service as well as commercial and residential. I will obtain proper insurance and set up a llc.
    Here is what else I was planning on purchasing.
    Enclosed trailer
    Gas bed edge
    Having the trailer lettered up
    Zero turn rider after I get accounts
    Strong trimmers
    Back pack blowers
    Stick edger
    Gas prunners
    Chain saw
    Basically here are my questions.
    How much should I invest in advertising and what kind of advertising.
    Also what else should I purchase.
    I want to lesser my self done cash as a back up until business kicks off.
    Also planned on don't done seasonal sales of flowers for holidays and other stuff.
    Trying to get all my ducks in a row for next year.
    Don't mind the grammar and spelling, I wrote this on my phone.
    Thanks in advance
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    Have you talked to an acct about that annuity and what you will get hit with for taxes, surrender charges, early withdrawal penalties? That 40k can quickly become 20k if it has all that. JUst curious if you had looked into that aspect yet?
  3. ztuttle7

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    Yes I did. I will have $40k left over after I take it out.

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