Takkie is the new black?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by stuvecorp, Nov 26, 2009.

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    Ron.....I think TAKs are pretty good machines and I'm definitely not tryng to talk you out of it, but ask the Takeuchi salesman to show you the exact page in the Operator's Manual where it says it does well in rocks. If he's honest he will show you exactly where the manual specifically tells you that operating in base rock (soft or hard) is prohibited. BTW...Bridgestone has a download that tells you not to operate their tracks in base rock either. He should also show you seven specific spots where it tells you never to operate across a slope...pictures with "Xs" and everything.
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    Then again if you did everything the book told you not to you'd never have anything to do. A good operator will know what a machines limits are without tearing the machine all to hell.

    I give the Taks credit, they are built like tanks. I've seen them beat pure to hell, I mean I've seen a guy run into a stump wide open in high speed multiple time trying to break it loose. Hitting it so hard his hat would fly off and land behind the seat. Why he'd treat his own machine like that is beyond my belief, but over 1000 hrs on it and see really didn't show any signs other than paint scratches. still ran stong and smooth last time I used it.
  3. Digdeep

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    They are built well.
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    What's base rock? We have rock, but it's in the form of driveways.
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    Just what you're thinking. Shot rock, crush run stone, 1" minus, etc.
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    Bobcat Ron, in my opinion switching to the Takeuchi would be a good decision. Look for one at the $15,000 dollar cost savings. That could be money well spent on something else such as a down payment on a house or another piece of equipment. I will be the first to tell you, Im a Cat, Deere, and Case fan. I have never been much for foreign cars or anything else foreign but these days even the American owned companies are using the badged foreign stuff. In my opinion the Takeuchi is probably one of the most reliable CTL's out there on the market. I think as you mentioned if you compare the ASV undercarriage on the Cat to the CTL undercariage on the Takeuchi we both know the Takeuchi would be allot more reliable in the long run. Granted the parts may be higher on the Takeuchi but I have never dug much into that. I like the big cabs on the Takeuchi also. My only thing with Takeuchi is I am more of a guy to buy from a company that has a full line of equipment such as Cat, Deere, or Komatsu than a company that just sales a few types of equipment. Only thing is from a business standpoint it is best to go with the most bang for the buck, that has good reliablilty, and service. I think Takeuchi has all that to offer. As for the Case dealers trying to push the Takeuchi machines before there machines I think is silly. If I was Case I would be ticked off about this. I know around here our Deere dealers try to push Sunflower tillage equipment before some of the Deere stuff. Not saying they make bad stuff but I think if the majority of my line is one brand I would be mainly devoted to selling that stuff first. Im sure though there is probably more money to be made on these other brands. Maybe the big name companies need to offer more money to the dealers pocket to sell there product. Im positive the Case CTL is not a POS by any means.
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    Tell me where it says it in my TL140 manual?
    I would like to read this.
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    Strongly disagree with your many of your statements. Yes, there are plenty of Chinese TV manufacturers, but none that have the quality or the performance of a Sony or Samsung. Those two are still the leaders in HD technology, and certainly a wide margin separates them from the Chinese manufacturers.

    Secondly, you'd be mistaken if you think that Chinese CE manufacturers won't make an impact -- the market is so large in China that establishing dominance in that market alone automatically qualifies some series market share numbers:

    Source: http://www.khl.com/magazines/international-construction/detail/item49387/Liugong/?s-largest-loader/

    Chinese manufacturers will find a way into the market. Even in commercial aircraft, which is arguably far more advanced a product than construction equipment, Boeing and Airbus will have much to fear should the Chinese build a safe commercial jet.

    Add XCMG to that list, but yes, your point is taken. I just don't think these have established themselves very solidly yet. The question I'm asking is how establish brands will react when they do begin to get that foothold.
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    The reasoning for a CASE salesman pushing a TK can be many. Here the CASE dealer is also a TK dealer. The opportunities to sell a TK are basically two fold. A mini ex customer and a CTL customer. If you want to maintain your TK dealership you have to sell them. Profit margins, dealer kickbacks, promotions all come into effect.

    Here the TK CTL's that have sold are the TL150's they are all spading trees. There are no 130's in this area. The dealer has a 140 sitting on the lot. The smaller CTL's sold have all been the CASE 440 CT.
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    I'll call my Takeuchi buddy tomorrow and give you the page numbers.

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