Takkie is the new black?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by stuvecorp, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. bobcat_ron

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    I saw that too, but any professional operator knows better, keep your haul path smooth and you are more comfortable.
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    Replied in a PM to prevent taking this thread off topic. Bolded part was my mistyping what I meant to say; my bad on that.
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    I will guess about 15% of my hours came will spreading rock.
    Of course my machine sits alot now that I got the excavator so I still have not wore out my first set of tracks. I am close to 700 hours and the are half worn and the rollers and sprockets have no visible wear or fracturing in the pads. I cannot imagine any sane person being any rougher on there machine than I have. the rocks just chrush into dust and the machine keeps going.
    I have experienced none of the horror stories that I see posted about Tak machines. Chris is the only person I know who does not get 1000 hours out of his tracks.

    Side sloping is a big no no in the ASV manual is it not?
  4. stuvecorp

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  5. Digdeep

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    Just commenting on what the Takeuchi salesman relayed to me. I do like the way their machines are built although I have my personal preferences for what I do.

    My manual actually rates my 60" machine for a 15 degree side slope and the cab has a standard slope indicator that tells me the slope angle.
  6. alco

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    Would this be why we have warnings on coffee cups to warn that the coffee is hot? Or how a certain chain saw manufacturer has a warning in their manual not to attempt to stop the chain with hands or genitals? Or even why there is a warning in a vehicles owners manual about not leaving the seat with the cruise control engaged?

    Just askin..........
  7. Digdeep

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    And why there is a warning tag on the iron power cord telling you not to iron your shirt while you're wearing it:laugh::laugh:
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    Well lets continue the Takkie love fest today. Took a road trip with my friendly Takkie salesman to check out an 08 153FR, can't do much digging but did play in their shop and that swing boom is so cool. Machine had 286 hours on it. We stopped to pick up a snow pusher and got a picture of this Mack.




  9. ksss

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    Looks very clean. Mine doesn't have the holes in the back deck, it could use them though.
  10. stuvecorp

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    I though the bucket/coupler was a little bit sloppy, like it could use a shim or something? Walking up to it I was really surprised how big it seemed compared to the Kobelco/Case/NH 50 size.

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