Tales of day laborer.


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From leaving before the day is through to lighting a joint in your clients yard. I think we all have a story to tell about the insane actions displayed by the day laborers of the world.

We had an incident a long while back where I had left to get some irrigation supplies. Left my main guy and a long time laborer w a day labor dude ( We call them Craigs guys).

While I was gone the clients elderly mother rolled into the drive to drop off a stew, When she left she realized she was unable to back down the drive and there was no room to flip it w all the trucks and materials in the way. Low and behold somehow Craigs guy got into her car with intention of helping her leave. Well the ass hat was no more skilled than Grandma and he backed her car part way down the drive and off the edge of the driveway down a small hill and into the desert. This was a 2014 Cadillac that took out three cholla and some prickley pear on the way into mother nature. I of coure pull in as Grandma and the wife reach the vehicle w Craigs guy exiting by way of the passenger window. Ahhh *uk!

It ended alright with us pulling her car to the drive w my truck and actually a couple good laughs. I avoided any major losses as did she but WTF? My main guy had no idea Craigs guy was in her car because he had sent Craigs to retrieve a shovel when this all occurred.

Sometimes ya get lucky and sometimes ya dont.

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