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    Read in the paper the other day that the elderly (over 65) population will increase by 80% by the year 2025. Baby boomers are finally growing up. This has to be great news for us lco's. The average age of my customers is probably close to 70 years old. One drawback is that by 2030 I'll be part of the elderly pop. Fellow lco's-- be prepared to expand because these baby boomers will have plenty of $$$$$ to spend and won't want to mess with their outside chores!!!!

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    I've been telling you guys this for the last three years, but it seems most of you are content chasing the yuppies in their McMansions so you can show off your stripes and such just to be under-bid every spring. Not to mention having to chase after your money in competition with a Lexus payment.

    The elderly hate change. Once a customer they are yours for life (literally). They also are meticulous about paying right away, if not on the spot with cash-ola. Maybe this is why my advertising budget for last year was $100 and this year will be zero.
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    ya .... I'd have to agree with this one ... almost 90% of our Cocoa Beach jobs are snow birds & retired folks .... good payers n extras .... never change long as you show up on time n do a good job
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    i do agree with this post.its here already an getting bigger .
    good deal for those who service homeowners.
    long as there is not to much moving into condos an apartments.
    some are selling the homeplace an doing that.
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    You have to get fired 60 times to lose all of your income.

    If you have a boss, you only have to get fired once to lose all of your income.

    Just got forbid you get hurt or chronic illness...but that could happen with a regular job too.

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    The only thing with a regular job as in a "Management position".
    If you are in a valuable position? They will take care of you.
    Beleive me I know....
    In Lawn Service you r on your own correct ... ????? :confused:
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    I thought the same thing until I got ripped from a Upper Level Sr Mgt Position in Oct.. Not the bosses fault. Mr. Economy does not have favorites.

    Time to turn a love into a dream.....22 days until flyer number one hits the streets..

  8. Nelson

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    :eek: Hate to hear that?

    I know that anyone can be just a number?
    I know that also ..........
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    I agree with ya 100% about what you like about elderly. They do pay on time or early every month. The do stick with you for life. Etc.

    But I'll still take the yuppies in the $500K+ houses any day of the week.

    ON AVERAGE: They are willing to pay more $. They like to have everything plush (this means more money in irrigation, new plants, water features, more frequent maintenance visits, etc.). They are more understanding and reasonable than elderly. They aren't on a fixed income. They typically live in tight new subdivisions with a lot of other houses right nearby. Etc.......

    And the things they aren't as good at (e.g. paying on time, not quite as loyal...) are easlily rectified if you are creative enough (e.g. automatic payments, creating a service that deserves their loyalty....).

    To me, they are worth every bit of the trouble.

    We still have probably 20% elderly people. But when you count their total sales per capita per year against the yuppies, they just don't compare. The yuppies got the money. And I want to be where the money is - period.
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    This is an issue I have been debating with myself recently. This year I want about 15 new accounts and next year would like approx 30-40 new accounts, but not sure to what market I want to target. I have narrowed it down to the two that is being discussed (the elderly or yuppies).

    I would enjoy hearing opinions from others on this subject!
    Jim Lewis, you make some valuable points.


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