Talk me out of the 25 Kohler on a new Lazer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keith, Feb 17, 2001.

  1. Keith

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    I am somewhat in the market for a new Lazer. Last Fall I was quoted $7200 for a new 60" Lazer with a 25 Kohler. The 26hp ESP Lazer was $8700. Yeah, I like the seat on the ESP and I put the Heavy Duty Nelson filter system on my 25 hp on my Kees, so it is clearly worth $150. But as far as bang for the buck goes the 60" 25hp is difficult to pass up at 1500 bucks less. My Kees is pretty much the same mower and I have yet to run into any problems with the Kohler. Tell me this is the way to go or talk me into the ESP. It will be a replacement for a Grasshopper not the Kees.
  2. SDF250

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    the rear seal has been leeking on my 25 horse since day one but not so that it eats alot of oil just collects dirt it will be replaced under warr. before season starts if it persists i will start to be mr. ball buster but i still love the mower and anything beets a 14 horse gravley with a sulky but that kawi engine starts every time
  3. MOW ED

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  4. 65hoss

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    My small engine shop prefers the Kohler. I got the kawi, but seems like the 25 kohler problems were fixed a while back. There are many people here with a lot of hours on a kohler. They just got bad press once. My dad has a Kohler on a cub garden tractor that has never had 1 problem. Next time I may consider a kohler because the parts for them in my area are much easier to find. Seems like anytime one of my kawis needs something its hard to find. That is what 4 engine shops in my area have said also.
  5. Keith

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    My 61 Kees has the 25 Kohler and I have never had a problem (about 700 hours), but you guys have me waiting for it to take a dump :) If you guys on this board had never brought it up, I would've never given it a second thought when buying a new mower. Also one dealer prefers the Kawi and one prefers the Kohler, especially the EFI 26.

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  6. lawman

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    I have a 25hp and I love the thing. I belive it had some problems in the past, but now they have been fixed.
  7. Evan528

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    I talked to a dixie chopper rep at a turf confrence a month ago and he told me they do not use the efi's on there mowers because they are having all kinds of problmes also. He also told me that they are evry complicated engines and most dealers mechanics dont even no how to work on them. Just thoguht id pass this along!
  8. rdh

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    mine runs good, dealer said he put new gasket on it but, i dont think he did, the mower ran fine when i took it to dealer to get brake cable fixed,i think they didnt put a gasket on it but charged dane or kohler for something they didnt do.
    i can say after hearing all the bad about the 25 hp motors
    it makes my heart drop if i hear a funny noise,

    LWNMWRMN Banned
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    At the time that kohler was having their "problem" only one in every hunded or so actually did blow the head gaskets. the kohler EFI is the same engine as the 25 but with the bosch fuel injection and the donaldson air filter. For the money difference I would look at the Lazer with the new 27hp kawi liquid cooled, I think you will find it's cheeper than the Lazer EPS and still has the large air filter. Longer engine life as well.
  10. southside

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    I have a Walker 26efi. I like the efi motor.Very strong and

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