Talked to 2 FWC suppliers today. Questions about recommendations????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tonymower, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. tonymower

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    So on the advice of many, I finally went to my local SiteOne today to discuss fertilization and weed control program. In a nutshell they recommended a 5 step granular program, crabgrass control in early spring, weed and feed in late spring, fert and grub control in June, fertilizer in fall and winter fertilizer in November (this is for cool season grass, Ohio). I discussed liquid pre-emergents and post emergents, and he agreed they worked well, even better than granular, but he still was persistent on the granular.

    So to ease my mind, I visited another supplier/dealer after SiteOne and they recommended almost the same plan, with granular.

    Am I to believe that granular is the way to go? Everything thing I've read says liquid weed control works better than granular in most cases. Anyone willing to provide some input?
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  2. lawndude28

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    It’s ok to start granular because it’s easy to learn. Your program shouldn’t look the same in a few years once you start to get your feet under you and then u will have a better undstanfing of what equipment will work best for you.

    But yes liquid herbicides work better than granular for a variety of reasons that being said granular isn’t worthless. Close the deflector shield, go slower around the edges and blow granulars back into the cracks off hard surfaces.
  3. OP

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    Thanks for the response.

    I found it odd as I told them that I had a 100 gallon skid sprayer that I'm dying to use.

    Let me run this by all the experts....

    In my inexperienced opinion I'm thinking I want to use granular for early spring pre-emergent and fertilizer. My sprayer will sit outside on the truck. In early spring in Ohio it could be 60 one day and 20 the next. I worry that my sprayer may freeze rendering it broken and useless, and I'm not wanting to deal with a spill. Once I have a warm place for my sprayer I may change my mind. Do I gain anything for spraying pre-emergent instead of broadcasting granular?

    For late spring post emergent I'm thinking that liquid is best as liquid will provide better coverage, and I don't have to worry about spreading while the grass is wet. Here's a question....if the lawn is beautiful and lush with minimal weeds, do I want to spray the whole lawn with a post emergent? Spot spraying seems more logical to me. Liquid post emergent seems good for lawns with many weeds that can't be spot sprayed, am I right?
  4. ETM

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    Liquid is cheaper. Go liquid on your pre and post. Go granular on your fert. Don’t even try to crank the skid anywhere near freezing temps. We don’t work unless it’s above 34. But I live in the south.
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  5. OP

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    Are you putting liquid fert down with the pre and post?
  6. kemco

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    Im south as well... first fert round for us is urea melt for quick greenup. I started on this after about my 2 summer and was getting a few customers complaining not because of weeds but "why is my neighbor's yard greening up faster than mine" etc. (using a different company) and one even went so far as to say he might have to change companies because his I wasnt making his as "green as the neighbors". No mention that his was a lot more weed free than the neighbor. So chatted with my chem rep and he told me most of the larger companies use a urea spray for first round fert to give the customer the quick green up that they want. Even though a slower release granular would be better/healthier for the lawn. Customer doesn't care, just wants lawn to be green quickly. So I now oblige.

    Edit: for us Rnd 1 and Rnd 2 are pre ems with post. No fert at all. Rnd 3 urea plus some other things in the mix.
  7. lawndude28

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    I don’t blanket spray in spring for post, too many flowers and tomatoes out, I blanket in fall with post. I spot spray every visit other than that.
  8. kemco

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    I used to not either. Until another long time member on here suggested that I do the same which is a round 1 pre em plus a 3-way in the mix to get all the small almost unseen newly germinated broadleaf weeds hiding up under the dormant grass. And we use a very good fall pre emergent but still have those tiny winter broadleaf weeds pop up. The difference has been incredible. Spots spraying in rounds 2, 3 and even 4 have become almost a non existent need for us. Not only saving time and money, but again giving the customer what they want, almost a weed free lawn.

    Im using a large droplet shower head when spraying the pre ems/post. So the drift with the post is minimized. And where I do see flowers etc Im just even more careful than I already am.
  9. OP

    tonymower LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info. Another question. I'm not asking for anyone's pricing, though if anyone is willing to discuss I'll be more than happy to call and chat about it. Anyways....

    Cost for the granular is:

    Pre w/fert - $1.68/1000 sqft
    Post w/fert - $2.08/1000 sqft
    Grub w/fert - $2.08/1000 sqft
    Fall fert - $1.60/1000 sqft
    Winter Fert - $1.68/1000 sqft

    I priced out 3-way at 0.44/1000 sqft from the OneSite website

    I'm sure as quantities go up the cost goes down, but does that seem on par?
  10. RigglePLC

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    I like pre-with fert as a granular. (If the lawn had a good fall liquid weed control in October.)
    Round two--granular fert--spot spray--but blanket spray for new customers. Or special needs.
    Round three, blanket broadleaf with liquid fert or double ap with dry fert.
    Round four--dry fert. Spot spray. Spot spray Drive.
    Round five--fall liquid weed control with liquid fertilizer, blanket.

    Since it can get cold with outside storage--you must do blanket new customers and special need for weed control mainly with a backpack sprayer.

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