talking to other lco's when on the job

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Oct 8, 2013.

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    I said this, but in a different way. So I'll second this, or fourth this or whatever. Lol

    Originally Posted by Richard Martin:
    I said it 100 times, "low ballers" have no effect on me. There is enough work to go around. I am not interested in the type of customer that shops for a lawn service based on price alone.
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    Well put Caddy,I'm a part timer who always puts my customer first and my hard work show's it. I have one account that I charge more for and do 110% better job than the previous bigger company did and the customer always raves how well her property looks. So here's to all those PT LCO's who aren't tarnishing the LCO business :drinkup: :laugh:
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    Yep same here my man! We all swap work, beers, an woman. :cool2:

    Sure hope you do not come to this part of the counrty, My Man. :nono:
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    I enjoy the opportunity to have the occasional chat with a competitor. I live in a fairly small town, so the conversation usually centers around current events or local happenings or what our plans are for the off season.

    I wave to all my competitors, even the couple that have stepped on my toes. I get waves back from all but one of them. He hates my guts. I mow six customers on the street he lives on and he doesn't have a single one. His yard looks like crap too. I think the guy is is own worst enemy. Oh well. I'll keep waving.
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    Talking shop is exactly that, talking shop. There's nothing wrong with it especially if you aren't giving away your pricing. As long as you're not doing that there's nothing wrong with talking shop. I'd listen really close to what they're saying and what's coming out of my mouth and see how to improve so I can get more lawns. I wouldn't necessarily start the conversations but don't get stuffy about being an LCO. We've only lost one lot between the 2 locations in the past few years because the owner of the apartment complex I was doing had a leasee that lost his job. Other than that quality outweighs $ for customers.

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