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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mcwlandscaping, Feb 27, 2006.

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    Well, tomarrow i am going to talk to and bring a final bill to two clients, they are VERY late in paying and im really ticked off about it, one is $126 and the other is $257, that isn't alot compared to others ive heard about but ive got bills to pay, anyway...

    I was thinking of saying something like,

    "Hi i brought this over since i havn't heard from you for awhile (hand them bill) and i really need that money for bills so if you could pay it as soon as possible i would very much appreciate it"

    My concerns:

    -If they say they already paid is, what do i say then
    -If they give me crap about the amount, even though i know that they know the amount

    What do i do in those situations? also, how is my original context? Is that i good thing to say? And also if you can see any more things that could possibly happen, please let me know, thanks

  2. BSDeality

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    bring them the invoices. Be polite and ask them to please pay up. Slip-up's do happen, chances are that they just plain forgot about it (if this is the first reminder you've given them).

    If they say they've paid ask them to produce the cancelled check from the bank. Unfortunately there isn't much you can legally do about it since you're under 18.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    If they really did pay (unlikely) they can have their bank dig up the cancelled check to prove it.

    If they dispute the amount, well, I'd just stick to my guns. If they REALLY were upset over the price they'd have been calling you the day they got the bill to complain.

    You don't really have to say you need the money to pay your bills, but no biggie. Add that you cannot continue service this season until they have paid you in full from '05

    Oh...and bring your best shovel :hammerhead: :laugh:
  4. mcwlandscaping

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    If they said they sent it, and they say that it must have gotten lost in the mail, how would there be a canceled check? Maybe im just not understanding the check thing the right way. This will be the third bill sent to them. I need this money by thursday, if i dont ill have to take money out of the bank to pay for things i need, don't want to do that.

    If you could please specify about the check thing that would be very much appreciated.
  5. BSDeality

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    when they cut you a check to MW Landscaping (example) you take it to your bank and they "cash" it for you. after the transaction is complete they send the check back to the customers bank and it is attached to their monthly statement (some are digital now though).
  6. Roger

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    For me, I would not include any comments about "needing the money for bills ...." If they are this late in paying, they could care less about you and your bills.

    My approach would be, "I did the work, it apparently was considered satisfactory because I heard no complaints, we have a business relationship -- I provide the service, you pay for the service, I have fulfilled my end of the relationship, and I expect you to filfill your end by paying what is owed."

    Once you start trying to justify them paying because of your situation, you've given them an out. But, explaining they owe for the work done, they have no way out. Put them in the corner where they have no way out, other than to say "I did not pay you."
  7. mcwlandscaping

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    Very good point ROGER, thank you!!
  8. iluvscag

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    Always...Always pack a gun if anything gets out of control just tell them to pay up or else LOL j/k. Yes like Roger says I would not infer that I have bills to pay then they will think that you are mainly relying on them for the profitability of your buisness. Just kindly go up to the door hand them the invoice, shoot the **** a little while and say ohh hey I don't know if you already payed this but....finish the rest as it goes.:)
  9. mcwlandscaping

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    Heading out in a little bit to go take care of it, hope everything goes well!! Thanks everyone
  10. hole in one lco

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    thats why you need to copy all checks you receive.
    1 if they sent the check they would notice that check hasn't cleared and called and asked i heard that one 2 many times dont leave without payment in full. They are di%^ing you around let it happen ones and it will happen all the time...............................

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