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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by LawnsharkMB, Dec 27, 2013.

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    My parents live in the Rock Hill area (upper part of SC). They have a fescue lawn. Since I don't deal with fescue in the lower part of the state could someone give me a basic fertilizer program and also what herbicides are safe on fescue for broadleaves? What ph does fescue do best at?

    Also what is the proper mowing height and watering practices? Light, frequent watering or deep and infrequent?
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    Tall Fescue is the easiest turf to work with. Around Feb. 15-Mar.15 use your pre-em 0-0-7. April 1st fertilize with a good balanced fertilize based on a soil test. I have a huge huge lawn in TN and I use 10-10-10 ag fertilize. I know, I know some will damn me but it does a good job and good is enough--nothing like mowing three days a week. Hit it again in 6-8 weeks with your pre-em and fertilize. Watch your ph and keep it around 6.2 so fungus won't be too much of a problem. It MAY be different in SC with our humidity. If parents have irrigation set it for an 1" on good soil or more on sandy soil. You know about that anyway.
    Fescue is not picky on type of potassium. You may want to bump up to a better prill on your fertilize. Maybe the Lesco stuff without so much phosphate. Weed control is easy also--any good 3 way will work on most weeds. Stay away from any atrazine or simazine as it is like poison.
    You'll feel like you are doing nothing compared to centipede care and feeding.

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