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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by husqvarna600c, Oct 19, 2003.

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    i have a client named Jessie who won't do a contract but calls me several times a week to mow various rental properties of his.Jessie always pays on time and is good about giving me several jobs each week .the problem is the jobs are terrible, we call them Jessie's jungle's.yesterday i did a home for him the back yard had weeds that were over the hood of the rider in spots and a little wet.fortunately a fence post by the gate was missing and i was able to get my rider in the back yard.but cutting it took forever we had to cut it on the highest setting then keep dropping it down and do it over again which left a ton of grass then we took the 21"walk behinds in to bag the grass up.this was a small yard and i filled 17- 33 gallon bags .and trimming was rough'stuff up to the windows.am i the only one that gets jobs like these? I'm always asking myself is there a better way or different equipment that would help?these are the jobs that you want to pass up but can't the guy pays well and on time ?:confused:
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    As long as you charge enough(Like a LOT! $75+/man hr), and realize that your Lawn Tractor was never designed for this.

    Have you hit anything yet? Spindles, blades, and decks aren't cheap!
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    out of all things a t-shirt it wrapped its self around 1 blade which took even more time to unwind .i walk the yards and find bottles,wood,bricks ect.i do take the time as i can not afford to buy new stuff.but i missed the shirt.

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