Talstar Chicnbug control Rates

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by gkell88, May 9, 2002.

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    Do any of you have experience with 0.69% Talstar with Fertilizer?
    This is available at my Lesco dealer, and I need a chinchbug control for Zoysia lawns in my area. The cost could skyrocket however at the higher rates. Any ideas on this?
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    I don't think Talstar Gran has been around long enough yet for us to learn all of it's nuances yet. Since Zoysia builds so much thatch, we might expect your lawns to represent some of the biggest challenges yet for the .069%G. If you stay in front of the population & hit them before trouble starts, you should be OK. If they get in front of you though, look out! The Talstar Flo label allows the applicator to use 44oz per acre when Chinch Bugs get heavy. The nominal rate for Chinch is .05-.1lbs aiA. The 069% G (with or without nitrogen) will deliver the .1lbs/Acre rate at 3.33 lbs/M or 145 lbs/Acre.
    We also offer a sweet 16-0-16 50% 3% Fe w/.073%G. This one would deliver the .1lbs aiA at the rate of 3.13lbs product/M. If crazy heavyb rates are needs, this one will deliver .2lbs aiA at still only 1lb N.


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