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    It all depends. You have to analyz (its spelled wrong), the situation. I only have 2 that pay per cut because its not worthit. They only want you when you are the busiest anyway. But as far as a one time cut, this week (holiday week) you can and will get more than you would have last week.
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    i sure need it.this has been a slow year for me!
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    Me too !
    I live in Brandon, just east of Tampa.
    I own Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Of Tampa

    My Girlfriends Cousin Bill owns Cutter Power, the Dixie Chopper People in Tampa area.

    I clean roofs

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    hi and welcome to the site.Cutter Power is a pretty big co.
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    Hey gys one of my customers wants me to remove her hedges. It it about 9-10 ft long 3 1/2-4 ft tall and 2 ft deep. How should I charge? By the hour or just a flat rate? I am really stumped here. This will be the first time I have done any removal of shrubs. Thanks for the input.
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    Personally I charge by the job on work like that. You need to figure out how long it will take and then add a couple of hours because you probably under-estimated and get out the chainsaw and axe.

    The way I like to pull shrubs is to cut them off at the base with the chainsaw and then dig out what I can and cut out the roots with an axe. I also always add the price of renting a tiller and tilling into the job. It will help to get alot of the root material out.

    Good Luck and happy bidding.
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    Thanks tamadrummer I will start to price the job that way.
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    Is the customer replanting or just covering with sod? If your covering there is no need to till. I have an old Poulan saw i use just for this job so i dont care if it gets in the dirt. I got 200.00 for a similar job with removal of most of the roots.Took just under 3 hours. :usflag::usflag::usflag:
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    200.00 was about what i was coming up with. It was more like 260.00 with a 20.00 dump fee. she wants to put flower beds in the area but not right away. Also I think she wants those decorative curbs, but I don't due that. Maybe I will get to do the flower beds for her. anyways thanks for all of your help.
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