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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by kleankutslawn, Mar 3, 2008.

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    I have half my customers wanting estimates and the other half asking if they get a discount because the grass went brown. I am getting a lot of calls for what I refer to as "pestimates". People that have no clue how much materials alone cost, much less the labor to install. I had one guy generously offer me 1.00 each to remove, dispose and replant what HE buys at Home Depot. Since as he put it (with a sly smirk on his face) " I know how much you guys mark this stuff up." I need an Excedrin Migraine and a beer, it's going to a looong spring.:usflag::usflag::usflag:
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    I hate those people, exactly why I stopped advertising on craig's list. All I kept getting were people that didn't want to pay my price for the services or people that screwed me over. One guy wanted me to go to homo depot and pick up some mulch
    (30 bags) and pay me $5 for my trouble. My customers I have now understand the frost situation, I explained that to the ones that ask, then I remind them of the hard work that is done during the summer, which is why I put winter services are as needed on all my contracts.
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    My name is Matt Taylor. I own Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control. I live in South Tampa. Glad to see there is a Tampa specific group. Lots of interesting things going on right now in the Tampa area with the cold weather, the new fertilizer ban, and a looming water issue.

    Anybody know how many members in this Tampa group?

    Look forward to chatting with you folks.

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    Hey there Matt! I think the number in here varies. A lot of people just read and don't comment. Plus, I think a lot of people on here go out of business every year or every six months. It is definitely getting interesting out there with the things that you brought up, plus the economy. I dunno, good to have you on here.:waving:
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    Hi Matt,
    I am southeast of Tampa but still check this thread from time to time because it is closest to where I operate. The last 2 years have been the most trying time I have had in business in 20 years. Good luck and welcome, it's really all about perserverance.:waving:
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    lost 1 business today,and about 5 residentials in the last 2 weeks, went over 2 years lost none
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    I lost 2 accounts last year and a few that I kicked cus they never paid me. I picked up 3 accounts this month, been really busy with side jobs too. Guess that is good, I'll be buying diapers and stuff pretty soon. My girl is due March 20th. So i need all the business I can handle as long as there is light.
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    Hi guys its been awhile since i last logged on here. man the weather has been crappy. brown and more brown everywhere. hope everyone is doing good. keep it green fellas
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    anybody ever trade accounts?
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    I have not traded accounts before. I have given accounts away in hopes that I would get it back down the road. My business currently is all chemical and fertilizer work, but there was a time when we had a very small amount of maintenance accounts. When we got away from maintenance work we offered to give the accounts to some mow guys that had sent us a nice amount of chemical work leads over the years. In another instance, I had accounts that were really far off the beaten track and I decided that getting rid of the accounts was best for tightening up my routes. I didn't have a lot of time to mess with selling them so again gave them to someone who had supported me on the chemical side of things.

    If any of you fellas need someone to farm out your chem/fert work to, please keep me in mind. I offer free estimates and site analysis

    Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control

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