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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by kleankutslawn, Mar 3, 2008.

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    hey guys what's everybody been up too?
  2. kevinlane

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    I'm busier than ever, plus I'm a new daddy.....we had a boy. I keep hopin he will start sleeping at night sometime soon, lol I'm beat. Peace
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    Things are really getting busy for us. Phones started ringing like crazy 2nd week in March, and have hardly slowed down since. We are seeing tons of new sod going down all over the place. All the sod guys I know are back up months at this point.

    Let me know if anyone needs free estimates for chemical work (fert, chinch, weeds, etc.) We can subcontract or bill direct. We have 2 university degreed turf agronomists and 1 masters in horticulture on staff.

    Good luck...
  5. South Florida Lawns

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    Anybody know where to find some Palmetto St. Augustine? I called around and everybody says around fall:dizzy:?
  6. zturncutter

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    Try Bethel Farms in Arcadia.
  7. greenpoint

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    Try Tom's Sod on 49th st in clearwater 727-845-3011.
  8. mrmumbels

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    Anyone experienced in treating/fertilizing empire zoysia in the Land O Lakes area? I hired Scott's last week and have been told that may have been a bad choice?

    I've got an empire zoysia lawn with some Ultimate Flora Zoysia in the back also. For the last few years It's been suffering from very shallow roots which cause the grass to dry up after just a few days without rain. I've got a decent sprinkler system but it never seems to get the grass green like rain does.
  9. mtaylor1

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    I have a lot of experience w/ Zoysia in the SE United States. My company has well over 100 Zoysia lawns in the Tampa Bay area. Localized dry spots are not uncommon right now with many of the Zoysia lawns we see. Zoysia can have issues with nematodes which may explain the shallow root system. Currently there is no viable solution for nematodes in a residential setting. Bayer Environmental Science is working on registering a new nematicide for use on home lawns that is actually a biological. According to my contacts at Bayer it REALLY works. Problem is you can't get the product b/c its still in development.

    Another common problem with Zoysia in this area is pH. Zoysia has a different acceptable pH range than St. Aug. Testing for pH and adjusting pH according to your findings may help the turf establish. Hopefully your service provider can test this for you, if not, let us know and we can handle it. There are a few more things to consider that may be problematic and I have questions that may shed light on the issue(s). If you want to discuss please call me at 813-382-6187. We offer free estimates and no contracts to sign.

    Owner, Agronomist
    Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control
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    Hey Pinellas guys! How are you dealing with ban on nitrogen ferts?

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