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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by kleankutslawn, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Happy New Years All !!! I am done for the week and going back home to Missouri to play in the snow for a bit.
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    Happy New Years to everyone!
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    Hope everyone had a happy and safe new year!
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    Hi guys,
    I have been lurking for about a month learning from you guys and your posts, thanks for the great posts. I am leaving the USMC after 24 years and a dozen or so duty stations. The family likes Tampa so this is the place to stop. I bought a small scale operation that I am using to learn the business during my last 12-15 months on active duty. Less than 10 accounts, two commercial. Seems manageable for now part time (understand this is the slow time) and gives me some time to learn the ropes.

    A couple of questions for some of you business veterans out there. Please fire back if you have time.

    1. What have you found to be the best marketing strategy in bringing in new customers?
    2. How do you get more commercial accounts? Have you had any success in cold calling companies, banks or realty/prop management companies?
    3. What side business is most profitable versus investment in equipment? Power washing, sodding, other?

    Thanks guys.

    Leatherneck Home Services
    Brandon/Lithia/South Tampa
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    Ooooh Rahhhh from a fellow retired Hooooaahhh! Try the flyer that shows up in your mailbox. Very inexpensive and you can precisely target the areas you want. CL always an option. Powerwashing makes decent side money as well as junk hauling. Don't do commercial so I can't help with that. Welcome to Tampa though.
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    Welcome to the area, and welcome to the biz! Here are my answers for your questions...

    1. Yard signs, mailers, ads in local papers and magazines, Craigslist... they all work, some better than others. But with so much competition, I have found about the only good marketing tool is QUALITY work, and word-of-mouth referrals. You, being retired military DEFINITELY need to put that in any advertising you do!

    2. I personally don't care for commercial work too much. I have some, and have no probs with them. But most commercials want as much as you can do for as little $$ as possible. And they tend to mostly lean toward the BIG companies. But that's usually because the BIG guys can afford to do it for nothing.

    3. Both things you mentioned are pretty decent side jobs. The sod work has picked up quite a bit in the past couple years, due to two main reasons: the HORRIBLE winters we have had, and people buying the foreclosed homes that have sat vacant and unmaintained for long periods of time that now need new lawns. Down side to sodding is LOTS of labor involved, IF you want to do it right!!! Pressure washing is always good. I have noticed that people only want it done at one of two points in the year. Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, so that everything is pretty for friends and family, or right after the oak pollen is done falling. Both of those times are generally in "slow" season. But you need some good equipment and maybe some help to be able to fill all the requests you might have. One easy thing that has cheap overhead is mulching. If I had enough business to justify it, I would do nothing but install mulch!

    These are just my opinions, they may work for you, they may not:dizzy:
    But either way... good luck to you!
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    I wanted to pass on the information and experience I just had in getting liability insurance.

    When I first went looking for insurance I called several places and the best price I got was from Nationwide. ($215 down and 5 payments of $75)

    Today...I made a couple of other phone calls. I ran across Ryan Phillips from Insurance Company of Florida. I was able to get a policy written for $65.00 down and 5 payments of $35.00. Needless to say...we are now insured all nice and legal like.

    If anyone would like his phone # or email address please get in touch with me and I'll send it your way.
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    What are your liability limits ?
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    I was wondering the same thing. I just renewed my 2 mil policy with bearwise. 408 with a pest and fert rider. NO deductible. Great customer service too.
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    Yeah, I'm with Bearwise also 1Million, 2Million aggregate with riders. Same price.

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