Tamping bedding sand.

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Sunscaper, Dec 28, 2006.

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    You guys all made a perfect example of why Landscape contractors are looked down upon as fly by night wanna make a quick buck people with this thread. I'm embarrassed that some of you guys are suppose to be the leaders in this industry. :nono:
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    Well dont be shy tell us why?
  3. GreenMonster

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    yeah, I gotta agree with the other guys. You're trying to compact too much at a time. Now, I'm assuming that your 20" Mikasa is NOT a 6000lb or so force machine.

    Sure, it will feel like it's compacted well.... on the top. But, without a compactor that that is rated for 4-5" of base, the bottom 2" or so of aggregate will not achieve the proctor density required. We compact no more than 4" at a time, with a 5600 lb machine. no more than 2" with a 3000lb machine. The 3k machine is usually used for running over the pavers, and maybe the final lift, or touch-ups < 1".

    As far as the sand settling, during installation, you can step on the edge of paver or something like that, and it has to be reset, or it won't "seat" right when you run the compactor over, simply because you've already pushed it down to far. Like KTMT said, we'll sometimes use plywood to distribute weight when neccesary.
  4. Sunscaper

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    Sorry for the delay here is a picture of the driveway my crew did in 1 day. They tamped the sand except for the last top 1/4 inch or so. Been in since October and no problems to speak of.

    rotonda ia001-2 (2).jpg
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    I can't belive this thread is still going!! There is more than one way to skin a deer, but there is ONLY ONE WAY TO LAY PAVERS!!!! The ICPI WAY. Pavers are a system! Systems only work if you follow each step!!!!
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    I'm not gonna debate the tamping sand of this job.

    BUT I will tell you that it usually takes 3-5 years before the effects of an improperly constructed patio are noticable...
  7. Sunscaper

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    Hope you liked the pictures. Your comments and opinions are appreciated. i'll get you some more pictures when I get the chance. I dropped my digital camera in the pool and haven't bought a new one yet. The attention to detail is excellent and I have yet to find one flaw. I'm very proud of this driveway because I never lifted one paver and the crew did a superb job. I felt like a true capatilist and loved every minute.
  8. Sunscaper

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    Also, if any of your clients are looking to re-locate, or invest in Florida's west coast we'll give you a referral fee for any activity we recieve. The house pictured is a friends model and he has the best deals around here or commercial and residential building.
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    The install looks nice. I gotta tell you though, between your base prep practices and "sand tamping", I really don't think it will hold up over the course of time. One thing you have working for you is lack of a freeze/thaw cycle, but 4-5" of compacted aggregate really isn't sufficient for vehicular traffic. But, you don't really seem like you're interested in hearing valid points on proper installation. Anyway, really hope that driveway works out for you.

    One day install, huh? Wow. That's fast work. We'd probably be 3-4 days on that, with 3 guys.
  10. Dirty Water

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    I don't think it was a one day install. I think they laid the pavers in one day.

    Excavation and base prep take a day by its self on a job that size.

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