Tanaka TBC230 vs. Redmax BCZ2400 field review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sniggly, Jun 18, 2005.

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    Hey Yall,
    Just thought I would take a moment to lend some of my observations regarding these two timmers.

    My dealer sells both. When I started the company I purchased all Tanaka brand equipment from him. Excepting the problem you are about to learn of, I have had nothing but perfect performance out of all of them.

    Yesterday my Tanaka trimmer started leaking gas out of the mouth of the gas tank, while the lid was still on. No cracked lid - no cracked gas tank. Venus just wasn't lining up with Saturn or something. Closer inspection revealed only theory - the mouth of the tank had somehow warped ever so slightly inward and down on one side. No matter how tight, or snug, or loose....still leaked bad. Can't have my trimmer leaking gas on my clients properties so I called my dealer and asked him to set out another Tanaka timmer for me so I can swap the gas tanks out this weekend. He didn't have any Tanaka trimmers at all, and I wasn't about to wait for parts cuz.......

    I have work to do this weekend, trying to catch up after a bout with Poison Ivy (I lost by the way). I told him to just pick a trimmer out for me and set it out and I would pick it up before close. Turned out to be a Redmax BCZ2400S.

    Here are some of my observations:

    The Tanaka is a half pound lighter and in my view perfect for LCO's specializing in small residentials (10ksqft or less). Good balance and a good trimmer guard near the bump head. The bump head was flawless if you weren't using cheap line. Even with the guard on you got plently of line out to play with.

    Compared to the Redmax - The Tanaka had noticeably less power. The motor on the Tanaka is 2 cc's smaller I think. Still it was not an underachiever on the right properties. Very comfortable and fast enough for 9 yards a day by yourself. The Redmax, when warm, achieves max rpm faster than the Tanaka did. The extra half pound of weight on the Redmax is noticeable when you have 3 or 4 properties in a row with lots of trimming, but it did not become uncomfortable for me. I can't swing it left to right / right to left as fast as the Tanaka but I attribute that to just not being 'muscle memoried' to the stick itself. I don't like the throttle lock on the Redmax, I think they should have placed it on the other side (outside - away from body) of the power switch housing. That's going to take some getting used to. The Redmax is stronger when you turn the head up 90 degrees if you want to cut perpindicular to the ground. I sometimes trim beds that way. The head guard on the Redmax, in my opinion, could be wider. It doesn't catch as much stuff as the Tanaka did. The trimmer line that Redmax sent - in a word - SUCKED. I changed it out before I used 10% of it. One thing I really like about the Redmax is that gas cap has a catch inside the tank. Good for me as I have a habit of filling up and forgetting where I placed that darn cap.

    That's about all I have to write about it right now. I am happy with it so I'll keep it.
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    Thanks for the info. Guess you'll be sticking with redmax.
  3. sniggly

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    Well......I don't know..........if I had the choice to do over again I am not sure I would take the Redmax over the Tanaka. In lieu of my stated observations regarding power, the Tanaka was sufficient for my business model.

    To be more specific, This change hasn't convinced me that the Redmax is the better machine just because it has a little more power.

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