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    I mentioned on another thread that I bought a couple of Tanaka trimmers. I'm going to post here how I feel about them as I use them this season. I will run only Tanaka oil in the machines, and service them according to the book.

    I will say, however, that I ran one unit a few days ago...was impressed with the power, but disappointed with the vibration. Last year I had what my doc called "white knuckle syndrome" from vibration on some of my equipment...I was hoping to eliminate the vib prob...maybe it's because it's new...time will tell.

    BTW...I purchased them because I was steered toward Tanaka by the mechanic at the dealer...he had no commission coming from the sale as I was already talking to another person on the "floor" about my trimmer needs. I'll post more about them as I use them during the season.
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    Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on your Tanaka trimmers. Regarding vibration, let me know which model(s) you have and we can go from there.

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    Mark...I have two at the moment, the TBC 2500, because of it's weight, and a 340PF. I've only used the 2500 so far...about 10 minutes...and noticed the vibration. I have/had Echos in the past, and didn't have this much vibration. I also have a few Poulan Pros...mostly for edging that I plan on replacing with Tanaka handheld edgers soon.

    I was just a bit surprised with what I considered to be excess vibration. I didn't have as much with the Echos, and even the cheaper Poulans. As I said, I haven't used the 340 yet, and hopefully it will be a smooth running trimmer. As a side note, I'm not dissing your product, and actually look forward to what they'll do for me. In addition, price wasn't a factor in my purchase(s) as opposed to buying a Stihl or Shin...it's that the mechanic at the dealership sold me on them...the Tanakas were cheaper than the other brands, however.
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    The 2500 is basically a combo of the 2501 and 230. It has the gearbox of the 230 along with the handle of the 230 which is basically just plastic without much give. It has the larger engine of the 2501...but the 2501 has a better handle and heavier gearbox. The 2501 front handle is padded to help more with the vibration.

    I personally use a 270PF around the shop/house here and it has I think the same handle as the 2501, but an even more powerful engine. I never noticed anything as far as vibration from that one...however I really only use it an hour or so at a time.

    You may be able to try the handle from your other tanaka or just get a 2501 handle from a dealer and try that out...as long as there are no mechanical problems causeing excessive vibrations.

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