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    Just looking for everyone's feedback/thoughts -

    I'm looking at buying a Tanaka hedge trimmer. I looks like a well built machine that will work well and last a long time, it also comes with a 7 year warranty. I do have a somewhat local dealer (not too long of a drive). My concern is not about having a local dealer but about Tanaka being around. It looks like Tanaka is losing dealers which makes me wonder just how many machines they can be selling. A 7 year warranty won't do me any good if there aren't parts available or Tanaka goes under. It even looks like the Tanaka rep is gone from LawnSite? I really like the Tanaka hedge trimmer that I was looking at but would I just be better off going with a Shindaiwa or a Stihl?

    Thanks for any feedback or advice you may have!
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    tanaka hedge trimmers are up there with the best. far above echo and sthil . i would buy them in a second. parts are aval on line if you loose your dealer. mine have never needed any parts so far. they are lighter than most too

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