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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Sauls1686, Nov 8, 2003.

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    My next trailer is just going to be a regular open landscape trailer.

    When I make enough $$ I want to get a nice enclosed trailer.

    I like the idea of a tandem axle. The ones that I am looking at are 8.5 X 16. Have you guys found that it's better to buy a bigger trailer right from the start rather than upgrade at a later time?

    I think a 16 would be plenty for a while. Though I may be tempted to buy an 18. Even if it's not really that practical, i like trailers. Always have, always will. When I was 14 I could back up my neighbours 5th wheel better than him :D


    PS will a 1/2 ton 6 cyl comfortable tow a 16?
  2. glenjr10

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    i purchased a 83" X 16' foot trailer in march 2003. I never thought about buying a smaller trailer, due to the fact that i don't like to buy knowing i WILL and i stress WILL need something bigger in about a year. I love my trailer, and if these are some of the suggestion i will give to you.

    Get the largest axles you can afford. Mine are 5200 lb axles and they do not have any problem of wearing or falling apart like some our the other guys in my area with the 3500 lb axles. these axles have 16" rims which will also make a difference.

    If you are to get a trailer with 16" rims, i would suggest adding two feet to the length of the trailer and get it dovetailed. this will lower the overall height of the trailer giving you less wind resistance. If you do not get the dove tail, and the 16" rims, i am going to say that getting your mower on and off is going to be the biggest pain in the world.

    I cannot tell you if a V6 will be able to pull it, but my 1500 V8 has a hard time accelerating quickly.

    truck pic 01.jpg
  3. hustler1

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    whats a dovetail?
  4. Qdriver

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    "Dovetail" is the downward angled last couple of feet of a trailer. Its purpose is to allow a lower exit point from trailers that sit higher off the ground. (IE. ones with 16" wheels) It allows you to have a shorter ramp gate - less weight & fuss offloading equip.

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